Friday, April 24, 2020

Three Things On A Friday

Given how many of you re-posted your own "Three Things" post after I posted one in January, I figured you wouldn't be upset if I did another one. You can read the first one here. And really, you all are people after my own heart because I just can't resist these either. This one comes from a newer blogging friend, Rebecca Jo. You can find her original post here.

Places I never want to go

*the dentist
*dog parks 
*Las Vegas -- I don't know why Vegas has no appeal to me because it seems like it might be an interesting place to go and you all know I love travel.

Places I always want to go

*the library
*baseball games
*New York City
 I miss visiting the library and New York City :(
 And baseball games... :(

Appetizers I will eat at any time

*cheesy dips
*bruschetta bread
*escargot -- especially on a Disney cruise!!!

Wall colors in my house

*blue -- in our kitchen
*green -- in our office
*blue-ish/purple-ish -- in our bedroom
 bedroom * kitchen * office
Can you tell I LOVE colour?!?!?!

Things I'm looking forward to this month


Okay, seriously...

*Dewey's readathon -- happening this weekend
*watching old baseball games -- on YouTube and when SportsNet replays old games
*the weather warming up and finally being able to plant my pansies -- maybe by today??? We seriously had snow a few times this week. Ugh, I'm so over it already.

Places I enjoyed in my youth

*library -- obviously!
*school -- I really did like school.
*basketball tournaments -- Weird but true! I was paid to be a scorekeeper, a timekeeper, run the 30 second clock, and run the scoreboard. I worked big games at one of the best known high school basketball tournaments in Canada. You can read more about it here.

Things 10 year old me never expected to spend so much money on

*my kids allowance -- Gah.
*coffee -- I mean I only drink it mixed with hot chocolate but we buy fair trade coffee so we spend a not insignificant amount of money on this.
*travel -- Probably our biggest expense outside of our house payment and groceries...
 Cruising with my parents.
Sidenote: I miss my parents and, thanks to Covid-19, 
I have no idea when we'll see each other again :(
Visiting our friends in the Yukon last summer.
And checking out Alaska.
We miss these friends too :(


  1. I believe I've done this one already! I love this type of post.

  2. OHH - thanks for the reminder of the readathon!!!

  3. I cracked up at the dog park. I would never even consider a dog part to be an optional destination, but yes it sounds terrible. I also love cheesy bread & bruschetta and I think I’d eat literally any appetizer anytime. 9/10 times, I’d rather just have appetizers than my meal! I’ve only had escargot once but I remember liking it!

  4. You know I will have to participate, yippee! And you know I'll have some similar answers (ahem libraries ahem). Our house has no color, but we're slowly working on that.

  5. I love these types of posts. I've done a couple of them but ran out of ideas, so thanks!

    1. I know -- these are the kinds of posts you can do at any time which is definitely helping with blog posts right now.

  6. Also - same re dog parks, they are my nightmare.


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