Monday, April 27, 2020

How Well Do You Know Your Mother?

The editor of The KC Post would like to inform you that publication of this week's newspaper has been delayed until tomorrow. She did not have enough time to get the edition ready in time for this morning. Thank you for your understanding.

I found this post through Dara at Not In Jersey Anymore and thought it was really fun! You can see her post here. Since Saturday is my birthday, I thought I would dedicate a few posts this week to ME! Hahaha!!!

I am watching TV, what am I watching?

Rachel: random stuff
Sam: I don't know, we don't have one. Grey's Anatomy???

Sam is right in that we don't have a TV. However, Dave and I did last watch Grey's Anatomy and it's clear that neither kid considers "streaming Blue Jays games" as watching TV. Good to know :)

What dressing do I eat on my salad?
Rachel: multiple different ones
Sam: a clear one, vinagarette

I like oil based salad dressings. We go through a lot of 
Greek Feta & Oregano dressing as well as Italian.

Name something I hate.
Rachel: Daddy being a perfectionist
Sam: Meat

I do get annoyed with Dave's perfectionist tendencies. Since I'm a vegetarian, Sam decided it was meat. I don't hate meat. I just don't eat it. My answer to this would have been "dogs."

If we go out to eat, what do I order to drink?

Rachel: Coke or iced tea
 Sam: Coke

Well you know both kids are right on this one.
I order iced tea if we visit a Pepsi establishment. Ha!

Favorite music to listen to?

Rachel: Kfun (a radio station which plays 70s, 80s & 90s music)
 Sam: Old music

If 80s music classifies as "old" than both kids are right.

What is something I collect?

Rachel: necklaces and tea mugs
 Sam: books

I would have said mugs in general but Rachel is right -- 
I forgot about my necklace collection. 
I don't know that I collect books as much as I just read a lot of them.

What would I eat every day if I could?

Rachel: Pizza
 Sam: Pizza

Both kids are absolutely correct!
And it doesn't matter if the pizza is homemade, 
from a restaurant, or from frozen -- it's all good.
What is my favorite color?

Rachel:  I'd have to go with ... ah, gosh... green?
 Sam: I don't know

I don't have a favourite colour, so both kids are technically correct.

What would I NEVER wear?

Rachel:  leggings
 Sam: Like if it wasn't Hallowe'en? A cardboard box

I would have gone with make up or heels but since I never wear them, I don't think they're on the kids' radars. And Sam is right, if it wasn't Hallowe'en, I would definitely not wear a cardboard box!!! 

What are my favorite sports teams?

Rachel: Blue Jays
 Sam: the Blue Jays

What is something that you do that I wish you didn’t do?

Rachel: jump inside the house
 Sam: play baseball inside

These are both things I tell them to stop doing ALL THE TIME!

You bake me a cake for my birthday. What type?

Rachel: chocolate
 Sam: an edible one

They'd better figure out the answer to this one before Saturday :)
I mean, I guess Sam is technically correct.

What is my favorite animal?

Rachel: You don't have one
 Sam: a moose

Rachel is more right but Sam is also right.
If I had to choose, I would probably choose a moose.

What could I spend all day doing?

 Rachel: reading and drinking tea and Coke
Sam: reading

It's like they know me or something...


  1. Their answers made me smile! They did great!

  2. This is so fun and I loved reading their answers. I need to ask Trent and Drew!

  3. That's so cute!! I'd love to hear what my kids think of me :)

    1. It was really fun to do! I highly recommend doing it with your kids!

  4. “Daddy being a perfectionist” lol. I am the perfectionist in our relationship so my answer would be “daddy NOT living up to my perfectionist standards”. I also found it funny that you’ll order iced tea at a Pepsi place. I know you love coke but I would have expected Pepsi as a substitute (I find them interchangeable, but I also drink them once a year at best).


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