Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Fourth Edition Of "The KC Post"

April 20, 2020
KCUT royal family goes for a walk
by Sam

Today Natasha, Sam and Rachel went for a walk. They picked up contact lenses for Natasha, and then went to the house of some friends to get clothes for Rachel and to talk. After a long talk with their friends, Natasha, Sam, and Rachel headed home to get some rest. They also stopped at Sabletine Bakery to see if it was open. It wasn’t.

Building a bird's nest!!!
by Rachel

Today Rachel and her dad built a bird’s nest. While Rachel and Dave were building the bird’s nest, they had to be careful of two things. One thing was: is it strong enough to survive a windy day? The second thing was: is it strong enough to survive a storm? Rachel and Dave built the bird’s nest out of sticks, cedar, stones, a flower, leaves, twigs, and pieces of birch bark. First, Dave started the bird’s nest by taking a stick and bending it so it could make the base of the nest. Then, they put twigs and sticks inside, around, and on top of the frame, so they could create the shape of the nest. Next, Rachel put cedar inside the nest, so the birds would have a nice, comfy place to lay their eggs and rest. After that, Dave and Rachel put the eggs (actually, a stone) into the nest, and put some more padding, some stones, pieces of birch, and the flower on, and around, the bird’s nest. Finally, Natasha, Rachel, and Dave went outside to test the bird’s nest. First, Dave blew as hard as he could, and the bird’s nest didn’t budge a bit! Then, Rachel tried to blow as hard as she could, but the bird’s nest wouldn’t budge! Next, Rachel dumped a bucket of water on the bird’s nest. It didn’t even budge a bit! It is a good bird's nest!

April 21, 2020
Ma Famille
by Rachel

Ma famille
énervant, joueur
Regarde Star wars, jouer, peinture, lecture
Sammy, D2L original, Minecraft, bonbon á la gelée jour
Marche, vélo, sauté
ennuyeux, heureux
La quarantine

English translation:
My family
annoying, playful
Watching Star Wars, playing, painting, reading
Sammy, D2L moose, Minecraft, jelly beans
Walking, biking, jumping
boring, happy
The quarantine

Boredom, a haiku 
by Sam

I am very bored
Inside all day is no fun
Very bored, I am

KCUT Royal Family Celebrates Food
by Natasha

The KCUT (KC Unified Territories) have decided to celebrate every food that ever was during this time of quarantine. The prince, Sam, invested in a "Every Day's A Holiday" calendar at the start of 2020 and celebrating the unusual food days have given the royal family something to do.
This past Monday was Lima Bean Day and, while the humble bean normally gets a bad rap, the royal chef concocted a recipe where the bean, while playing a part, was not the main attraction. "I don't like lima beans," Dave commented, "but the chef's touch of overwhelming them with rice, eggs, soya sauce, and shrimp was inspired. I didn't even know I was eating them."
"Let's declare every day Lima Bean Day," he added.
Another humble bean holiday which the family celebrated this week was Jelly Bean Day. "I'm ready for that holiday to not make another appearance for at least a year," groaned Natasha and Rachel in unison, who may have overindulged in the not so healthy jelly bean.
"Give me all the yellow ones," enthused Sam. "And while you're at it, throw all white and green ones in there as well."
The royal family will continue to keep an eye on the upcoming food holidays to be celebrated -- coming up, Shrimp Day...

April 22, 2020
by Rachel

Rachel and her family started watching The Empire Strikes Back. It was really good. Rachel would give it a 9/10. They have not finished it yet. It was confusing when Luke met Yoda and when old Ben showed up. Darth Vader and the admirals keep trying to catch the Millennium Falcon. I don't want to be an admiral who gets force choked to death by Darth Vader.

Secret Society Uncovered
by Dave 
This week, investigative reporter Dave had a unique opportunity to catch a glimpse of the secretive Warrior Society. This shadowy group of highly-trained warriors has a long and storied history, and induction into their ranks is based on completion of a rigorous training regimen. Combining elements of martial arts, dance, and gymnastics, along with guiding principles such as promptness, neatness, and focus, the Warriors are a well-disciplined, battle-ready force. Dave was allowed to participate in an introductory class with Miss C., where he learned manoeuvres such as the full-body stretch and the squat/jump combination. Although Dave was initially reprimanded for his poor belt-tying skills, he eventually improved his technique and received a passing grade from Miss C.

April 23, 2020
by Rachel
Tonight Rachel and Sammy watched a show called “Pink Panther.” Rachel thought it was good because Pink Panther is cute, and he’s silly, and he has lots of good ideas. For example, in one of the shows, Pink Panther tries to do his laundry, but then a whole lot of other things happen, like he rides on a cart and big nose gets mad at him and tries to stop the cart, but then he gets in the cart and they go around the Laundromat over and over again, and finally his washing is done. Rachel also likes this show because there are lots of good episodes, and they’re long. So, when you go on an airplane and it has TVs, you can search up Pink Panther and watch one or two hours of Pink Panther. If you want to watch and learn more click the link below: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pink+panther&sp=EgIQAQ%253D%253D  or watch an episode by clicking here.

Puzzle Corner
By Dave
Have social distancing and isolation got you down? Perk up your brain with these mind-bending puzzles!

Word Scramble
Unscramble each of the following words, all of which have a common theme. Then, take the letters in each circle, and rearrange them to form a word that fits the theme. Good luck!

 A common phrase is hidden in this puzzle; can you find it?

April 24, 2020
Meepbob vs Uni Unicorns
by Sam

Today Meepbob played the Uni Unicorns at Meepbob’s Backyard Stadium. The final score was 8-7 Meepbob, going all the way to the bottom of the 3rd (it was a 3 inning game). In the top of the 1st, the Unicorns started it off with 2 runs, but were countered in the bottom when Meepbob scored 3. Then, in the top of the 2nd, Uni scored another run. In the bottom half of the inning, Uni star pitcher Uniez shut down Meepbob’s offense, stopping them from scoring any runs and keeping the score 3-3. Then came the 3rd. In the top of the inning, Uni got the bases loaded after Brandon Morrow replaced the starter Zack Greinke, and then scored a run while keeping the bases loaded. Then Adam Liberatore replaced Morrow, and got 2 outs before giving up a bases loaded 3 run triple. Liberatore then got the next out, but it was 7-3 Uni. In the bottom of the inning Uniez gave up a double and a home run, before being replaced by closer Ken Giles. Giles then got 1 out and gave up another homer to make the score 7-6. Then up came Cody Bellinger. He fouled off what felt like 1,000,000 pitches before poking a ball over Robbie Alomar’s head for a single. Then Dee Gordon came up and took a strike. On the next pitch he cracked the ball over the left field wall to make it 8-7 Meepbob and win them the game.
Uni Unicorns pitching to Meepbob

Beautifying the KCUT Royal Gardens
by Natasha

Today, the royal gardener, Natasha, was finally able to add some flowers to the outside of the castle. After weeks of spring snows and freezing temperatures, the weather took a turn for the better. "The gardens were a mess after I removed the winter greenery a few weeks ago," Natasha commented.
She was able to plant 36,000 pansies around the outside of the castle, adding pops of colour to the dull brick walls. Passersby were amazed at the transformation.
However, Natasha has already had to defend the gardens from the dastardly squirrels who have been attempting to dig up the pansies and drag them off to new homes. "I sprinkled chili powder throughout the gardens," Natasha explained. "I hope they start licking their paws, after digging up all my hard work, and realize who they're up against."
Despite the squirrels, this reporter was in awe when she received a personal tour of the changes and highly recommends you book your own garden tour soon. They are definitely worth a trip to the KCUT palace, just don't smell the flowers lest you get chili powder up your nose.

Endless Food Supply Discovered
Cure for world hunger in sight, say experts
by Dave

The international science community was astounded to discover the existence of an apparently endless food source, thanks to cutting edge research from the KCUT National Food Sciences Laboratory. This scientific marvel was the result of the extraordinary efforts of Dr. NJ Kreinstein, lead scientist of the KCUT National Academy of Sciences. She embarked on a ground-breaking experiment with the Uzbek pilaf and beef dish known as plov this past Friday, creating an initial batch of sufficient quantity to feed 3-4 hungry army brigades. Local resident Dave was heard to remark “Wow, that’s a lot of plov!”
Dr. Kreinstein’s laboratory colleagues made an initial dent in the large mound of rice on Friday evening, and the scientists placed the remaining food in a chilled storage chamber for the next several days. However, after retrieving the leftover quantity and dishing out a significant helping on Monday, scientists were shocked to observe that the supply of food was apparently undiminished. They immediately ran some tests, and discovered that there was still over 1.5 tons of food remaining.
Word of this startling discovery quickly reached international aid organizations, which quickly began making plans to distribute the food to malnourished regions of the globe. World leaders were also quick to respond to the hopeful news. “This is reminiscent of the manna that fed the Israelites in the desert!” expounded Chief Rabbi Shmuel Aryeh Rabinovitch. “While the origin may not be quite as mysterious, the bountiful quantities are nothing short of miraculous!” Aid agencies were equally enthusiastic: “It’s wonderful news for people in so many parts of the world,” stated Rachel C., head of the UN World Food Programme, “... as long as those people can learn to like slightly undercooked rice and spiced vegetarian beef.”
As of press time, it is still unclear whether the plov supply is, in fact, limitless; however, one thing is certain: the KCUT citizens will be enjoying this meal for a long time to come.


  1. Another amazing issue! I love Sam's haiku again. I used to be good at Jumbles but I must be too tired! I would like to celebrate weird food days but we might not have the food available and I can't run out to buy them at the moment!

  2. I love the KC post! Please thank Sam for telling us about the Every Day's A Holiday calendar. The different food celebrations sound fun. I ordered myself a similar calendar called "National Day", only because the desk calendar is on clearance.

    Please tell Rachel that I'm a fan of the Pink Panther as well. I think I have a DVD box set at home from the pre-streaming days when you had to invest your hard-earned money in stuff.

    1. Oh, Rachel would LOVE if we had more Pink Panther available! She LOVES it!!! And yes, I was so happy when Sam chose that calendar. It's been fun to celebrate some of the holidays.


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