Tuesday, April 14, 2020

10 On The 10th: April 2020

Full disclosure: I forgot that Friday was the 10th (and thus I needed to take pictures for this post) until 4:00pm. I decided to take some inspiration from my cousin who has been posting pictures of little things on Instagram and hashtagging it "observations in isolation." So here are some little things I noticed in about an hour on the 10th.
Freshly baked gingersnaps cooling on the pan.
Hard boiled eggs for potato salad cooling in the sink -- with the orange stained glass tiger lily reflecting on the water.
A scrabble game in progress.
Every bunch of tulip opens differently and these have gone full out!
Somewhat old cherry tomatoes in our Mexican bowl.
The kids have some sort of game going on here...
The kids have trampoline socks always at the ready. And a tennis ball for some reason???
The last of the day's snow just didn't want to melt.
So close to opening...
A mug of tea with pastel macarons to put me in a spring like mood.


  1. Very pretty little glimpses at day to day life. Love the tomatoes in the Mexican bowl. And the flower about to bloom. Hope your days of snow and cold are behind you now.

    1. We have a couple more days of cold and snow (ugh) but it looks like it should be nice by Friday. I'm hoping to plant my pansies outside then...

  2. This perspective was really cool - I like the angle you took on all of these plus getting a little glimpse into your life!


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