Thursday, April 16, 2020

An Update On March Goals And Quarantine Plans

I realize it's past mid-April and I'm just now getting around to posting my monthly goals update but that sums up life right now so I'm rolling with it.

It feels like a bit of a joke writing about March's goals because mid-March our current physical isolation/quarantine/Covid-19 life hit. Honestly, after that, all my goals went out the window because from March 13th on, it was a matter of "let's survive the month and remain as sane as possible."

So here are two of the goals which I actually accomplished. 

2) Enjoy March Break.

Since March Break was the first week of our current reality, we had no plans and it was all about slowing down and adjusting to this new normal. I didn't impose any schedule, we spent a lot of time in pajamas, and we went for walks as often as we could. I honestly don't really remember much about March Break because that feels like about three years ago :) But I think we (more or less) accomplished this goal.

I will say, that up until mid-March I had been a little bummed that we'd done our cruise in January and, therefore, didn't have "exciting March Break plans" but those feelings quickly turned into ones of gratefulness as the whole Coronavirus hit and everything turned upside down. I'm so thankful we took our cruise (which we'd been looking forward to for sixteen months) when we did.

7) Figure out Sam's birthday party. And his present :)

Again, plans changed pretty quickly for Sam's birthday. And for his present. He was supposed to go away for a month this summer so we'd been leaning towards getting him a nice travel backpack or something like that. However, that trip got cancelled and Sam and Rachel spent a lot of time riding their bikes. And it became pretty clear that a new bike was a much better present.

We didn't tell Sam where we were going and he was pretty surprised when we showed up at the bike shop. He loved his bike (for the week that he had it) and I'm still sad it got taken :(

As for his birthday, we set up a virtual party and he was showered with Zoom/FaceTime/Skype/Messenger/etc calls all day long from family and friends. The next day he asked if he could have an "introvert birthday" and spent the whole day reading and playing Lego.

We still hope to have his original "planned" birthday party when this is all over but we shall see when that is... He just wanted a small gathering of friends to play games and eat tacos with and that feels totally doable.

I'm deciding that this next set of goals is to last me until this quarantine life ends. I just don't know how much I can accomplish while we're living like this.

1) Pick out February/March/monthly pictures for calendar.

I just need to stay on top of this and I think making this a goal for one evening will help me focus on it.

2) Clean out the fridge.

Yes, our fridge is still disgusting. Clearly I need to do this right before I go grocery shopping for the week so it's really empty :)

3) Go through clothes in the basement.

One thing I find hard about this quarantine is that I am more used to getting stuff out of the house when we are done with it -- library books, items to donate to the thrift store, hand me downs, etc. I can't wait to take everything back to where it belongs/needs to go and have some physical space in our house again! I think the fact that I can sort the clothes but not send stuff to the thrift store is keeping me from accomplishing this task right now...

4) Have family game nights.

Well, this is one thing the quarantine life has been really helpful with. We've had a TON of family game nights. I know more of them will happen. However, we really need to play some games we haven't taken the time for in awhile so that we can get rid of some of the ones we've outgrown.

5) File our taxes.

I don't know why I'm not doing this. We know we'll be getting some money back and with me not having a job right now, it would be helpful to get it sooner rather than later. Note to self: DO THIS SOON!

6) Start working on our Disney Cruise book.

Again, I have a block on this for some reason. It might be that we usually get our books shipped to the States (because it's cheaper/free) and we were going to pick this up when we went to Dave's cousin's wedding in California in May. Well, we're clearly not doing that and we don't actually know when anyone will be traveling between the US and Canada in the next months. Since there's no clear deadline, I'm just not motivated to do it.

7) Read some more books off my personal TBR.

What's really funny (sad?) about this is that I took out about thirty books from the library when this all started and I haven't touched them. I am clearly off my reading stride so I need to make an effort to read books from both stacks -- my library pile and my personal pile.

I don't know long we'll be in quarantine but until this is over, these are my goals.

Are you finding that you're able to complete monthly goals during this time? If so, let me in on your secrets! Are you off your regular stride like I am and finding it hard to accomplish much of anything? If so, we're in this together :)


  1. Yes, you're so lucky you got your cruise in! Dave and I got to go to Hawaii but we're sad the kids missed out on Jamaica. My bike was stolen a week after I got it last summer, I called my credit card company and they gave me my money back, is you used your card to buy it you should see if you can get your money back.

    1. I'm sorry that you missed out on your family vacation. That is hard. And I am waiting to hear if my credit card will reimburse us for Sam's bike. I'm hopeful we'll get the money back...

  2. You are very lucky you did the cruise and everything was fine health wise at that time!

  3. One of my goals for the year was to start doing photo books and to go back and slowly start doing them for the past (knowing I won't get 15 years worth made in a year) and yet I've done nothing ha. Also I have read a couple books off my physical TBR pile but a neighbor and my BFF gave me more!

  4. I can totally relate on the frustration of wanting to get stuff OUT of the house. I have bags of maternity clothes and infants clothes and baby gear Carson has already outgrown and I want it GONE. Instead it sits in my basement just waiting for its liberation. My productivity this quarantine is sporadic. I’ll go days at a time feeling like I’ve done nothing but prepare food and clean the house, then today I randomly knocked out 3 house projects that were driving me nuts. Would it help if you set only one goal per week? That way it doesn’t feel like a daunting list of quarantine goals.


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