Tuesday, April 21, 2020

I'm A Sucker For A Survey

This survey was first posted by Allena and she knows me well. I LOVE surveys and it seems like there are about a million of them out there. The great thing about surveys is you get blogging material even when it feels like every day is pretty much exactly the same. I really don't what else to write about right now so it's surveys to the rescue. Yay!

* Favorite pie: Saskatoon berry pie made by my mom
I asked my mom to send me this picture 
after she showed the pie to me over Zoom on Easter. 
I wish I could have eaten some...

* Steak or Seafood: Seafood clearly! I've been vegetarian (pescatarian, if you're being particular) for twenty years now so I can't even remember the last time I had steak.

* Italian or Chinese: Italian all the way baby!!!

* Pepsi or Coke: To no one's surprise, clearly the only answer is Coke.

* Chocolate or Vanilla: Probably chocolate, except, ironically when it comes to ice cream.

* How many tattoos: None

* Ever hit a deer: No, but I've almost hit both a deer and a bear.
Bears on the side of the road in the Yukon this past summer.

* Rode in a ambulance: Yes, when Dave cut himself quite badly at church. I was in the passenger seat but I'm still counting it. (You can read the full story here in case you weren't reading the blog back then.)
Dave (post ambulance ride) looking cheery on the stretcher 
while waiting to be officially admitted.

* Netflix or Hulu? Neither. Ha! But we did recently splurge and subscribe to Disney+. I know, who are we anymore?!?! (We'll cancel our subscription when quarantine is over. Probably.)

* Ice skated: Yes, mostly recently on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa a few months ago.
 The rest of my family skating.

* Rode a motorcycle: Yes, once when I was four with my parents' friend. He was clearly the main driver but he let me give it gas and I gave it too much and we almost wiped out (in my memory of being four, that is). It scared me too much to ever want to go on one again.

* Stayed in hospital: I think when I had my tonsils out when I was three I stayed overnight in the hospital. And I'm pretty sure I stayed overnight in the hospital when I had my lung surgery in 2000. Other than that, I don't think I've ever stayed overnight in a hospital.

* Last cell phone call: We rarely get phone calls these days. It's all about Zoom meetings :) However, the last person who phoned me was Rachel's friends' mom from dance. (And yes, the grammar in that sentence is correct because Rachel's friends are twins.) We were talking about online learning. The last phone call I made was to a friend to say we'd be at her house in ten minutes so we could pick up the clothes she was going to leave on her porch.

* Last text from: One of Sam's friend's mom's asking if her son could borrow some of Sam's books. (I'd already offered that he could do this because Sam has the entire set of books of a certain author which his friend has just discovered.)

* Favorite season: I can never decide between Spring and Fall.

* Broken Bones: Technically, my finger and probably a few toes (when I've badly stubbed them), but officially, "no."

* Favorite color: Ack. I don't really have one.

* Sunrise or Sunset: Sunsets, especially in Saskatchewan!

* Ocean or Mountain: Ocean, except when I'm actually in the mountains, and then I have to admit they're pretty amazing!
We've been fortunate to spend time both 
in the mountains and in the ocean in the past year.
That is unusual for us.

* Dogs or cats? Neither. Ugh. But if you had to force me to choose I would say "cats." (Please don't make me choose.)


  1. Did you not spend the night in the hospital when you had your kids?

  2. So glad you did this! And I just saw Dara's comment above and was thinking when I read your answers 'I know she didn't stay in the hospital with either kid because I read her birth stories over the weekend' ha! Those were 2 of the craziest stories I've EVER read and you were so relaxed about it. Like oops the baby came so fast Dave had to catch him, no biggie haha.

  3. I whole-heartedly agree with sharing a survey for a quick post. I love reading and answering things like this. Thankful you have never hit a deer or bear. I hit or my car rolled over a pup once...or the pup rolled under my car but it ran out the back of the car and on down the street. Terrible experience but somehow I think he was okay.
    Your mom's pie looks divine. What a pretty crust! And photo. I am sure it is tasty.

    1. Oh, that hitting the pup experience sounds awful. I never want to hit an animal -- even a squirrel or something small. Ugh.

      And speaking from experience, I KNOW that pie was delicious. I just wish I could have had some...

  4. Whoa! I had never read Dave’s cut story before! That is shocking something so severe can happen from a thumb!!!! Whew. Also, I always forget you are pescatarian. :)


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