Tuesday, April 07, 2020

One Sentence A Day: March 2020

Welcome to One Sentence A Day for March. Once again I'm linking up with Rebecca Jo and friends. I'm really enjoying trying to distill my days into just one sentence, even though it's really hard some days to pick a defining moment. It's also been good to try and differentiate the days from each other during this quarantine/lock down/physical isolation life.

1 - Sunday -- We had a (mostly) at home day of getting things done and it was exactly what we needed.

2 - Monday -- Sam ate frozen peas and frozen blueberries mixed together for supper.

3 - Tuesday -- I may have put my pajamas on shortly after 5pm this day :)

4 - Wednesday -- I picked a job up off the job board this morning, and this afternoon, it turned into a "we need you for the rest of the week" job.

5 - Thursday -- Rachel and I had a supper date and then we ran (walked!) a few errands before dance which I loved.

6 - Friday -- WHERE did all this snow come from!?!?!?!?!

7 - Saturday -- After a busy day, I had an afternoon nap which was glorious!

8 - Sunday -- We went to church twice today and yes, I had a nap in between the services.

9 - Monday -- We enjoyed the longer evening by going for a walk and getting ice cream.

10 - Tuesday -- I had some extra space in my day today, which I really appreciated.

11 - Wednesday -- I was terribly exhausted today and I don't know why.

12 - Thursday -- I am sad because schools are closed for three weeks AND baseball is postponed for a month :(

(Update: That closure has now been extended to May 4 for schools and longer for baseball but this was the situation as of March 12.)

13 - Friday -- Today was completely overwhelming as many things closed or were cancelled for the next few weeks.

14 - Saturday -- We picked up supplies today -- coffee, more library books, a few groceries, and alcohol.

15 - Sunday -- We attended online church today for the first time.

16 - Monday -- We met up with friends (at a social distance) at our local park.

17 -- Tuesday -- Thank goodness our delicious Beef and Guinness St Patrick's Day Stew was not cancelled.

18 - Wednesday -- The kids and I went to our local grocery store and the empty shelves, the limiting of products, and the high price of everything completely depressed me. Second sentence: Thanks to this trip, I spent the whole day trying not to cry :(

19 - Thursday -- The days are starting to all feel the same :(

20 - Friday -- I did another grocery trip with the kids this morning, to a different store, and thankfully, it was a much better experience.

21 - Saturday -- I tried to participate in the #24in48 readathon and discovered that my stress is messing with my reading ability which was tough.

22 - Sunday -- Sportsnet replayed a Jays game from last year and watching it put me in a much better mood.

23 - Monday -- We took advantage of a late snowstorm and built snowmen.

24 - Tuesday -- We turned one of Sam's favourite songs into reality :)
 You can hear the song It's Raining Tacos here.

25 - Wednesday -- The kids got artistic with their lunches today. Second sentence: Well, Rachel did, and Sam improvised :)
Rachel's lunch: The fish are sand, the raspberries are the water, the Oreo is a shark, 
and my sandwich is a boat. Sam: I made the Sahara Desert. (Yeah, right Sam.)

26 - Thursday -- It was grocery shopping day and coming home without some items was, honestly, quite hard and made me cry. (Second sentence: No flour, no yeast, no tofu -- we're not talking unusual items here, thus the crying.)

27 - Friday -- I read outside in the sun for a few hours and that, along with the kids connecting virtually with some classmates, made today a good day.

28 - Saturday -- For me, this whole pandemic can be explained this way: After a week and a half of searching, Dave found flour today (which brought me great joy) but then we found out how much flour a friend bought (twice as much for basically just her (and she doesn't really bake)), and questioned whether we had bought enough.

29 - Sunday -- We got out and bought Sam a birthday present today!
Sam needed a new bike.

30 - Monday -- Happy 11th Birthday Sam!!!
Sam and one of his friends 
played with emojis while FaceTiming!!!

31 - Tuesday -- After two weeks of searching, I acquired YEAST today and baked a batch of buns!!!!!


  1. This is definitely and interesting time we're living in. I think these posts will be really interesting to read again a year from now.

  2. It's Raining Tacos! My kids love that haha. Also how are you eating ice cream OUTSIDE when it's so cold?? And happy birthday, Sam! I need to do this again.

  3. Frozen peas & blueberries??? WHAT??? LOL
    Isnt it crazy to see the change in the schedules in all these poss around the middle of the month.
    The stress is messing with my reading too

  4. It is a shame that some people are buying so much they don't need, which causes a shortage for those who are just buying their normal weekly shop. We've had shortages of toilet rolls, dried pasta, and tinned tomatoes. So now we have to queue to get in the shops, keep 6' apart, only a certain amount of people allowed in at a time and restrictions on how many of any one thing you can buy. It's hard getting used to this new 'normal' isn't it?

    1. It is very hard to get used to this new "normal." I went grocery shopping on Thursday and had to line up for almost an hour to get in the store. I find on days I grocery shop I don't have the mental energy to do anything else. It just takes it out of me which is so odd.

  5. We're having a real hard time finding flour too (and my yeast is just about gone so I'm sure I'll be searching for that soon). I'm finding that I am having a hard time focusing to get much reading done.

    1. I read that people are turning to baking to help relieve stress so that's the cause of the flour and yeast shortage. It's still frustrating though. And yes, I'm hoping my reading focus returns soon...

  6. Another friend mentioned having trouble finding yeast. I have several packets. Wonder if I should by more?? I have flour, too. Hoping to bake bread for Easter.
    I was glad to read that I am not the only one struggling with reading these days. Just can't focus. Am almost finished with a book I have listened to and couldn't really tell you what it is about. Sad.

    1. It seems like yeast, flour, and puzzles are the new toilet paper -- hard to find! I hope you got to bake bread for Easter.

      And yes, I am thinking I need to tackle my stack of library books or I won't even have them read with all this time I suddenly have. It's so weird to me that my reading concentration is shot... Although I do know I'm not the only one.


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