Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

I wanted to give you all a picture of what's been happening here lately and I thought a good way to do that would be to link up with What's Up Wednesday.
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What we're eating this week... Last week the kids and I went to Costco and they wanted to buy hummus. So we've been eating a lot of hummus with crackers or baby carrots. Yum! I just love hummus.
What I'm reminiscing about... Sadly, I'm reminiscing about when I had time to clean our house. It's a bit of a disaster right now and I just want a full day to clean it. It's hard to want to use your free time to clean the house when you're a working parent.

What I'm loving... The pansies in my window boxes. They remind me that sunny warm weather is coming.
What we've been up to... We just got through a crazy month with a road trip, Sam's surgery, Passover, and the readathon. We've been busy lately!

What I'm dreading... Working through this whole summer. I am going to miss being at home with the kids sooooo much.

What I'm working on... A sermon. I am preaching this Sunday. Pray for me!

What I'm excited about... It's my birthday on Monday and we're planning a little road trip to celebrate in a few weeks. Also we're making our first visit to the Skydome for this season to see a Jays game next weekend so I'm excited about that too!
What I'm watching/reading... I'm reading commentaries for the sermon I'm preaching. Ha!
What I'm listening to... The Jays play on the radio. I can't wait to see them in person.

What I'm wearing... all my new shoes I bought back in February. I LOVE wearing shoes without socks.

I don't usually wear one shoe from one pair and one from the other
although I suppose I could try and start a new trend! Ha!
What I'm doing this weekend... Preaching. Going out for dinner with Tim and Janice. Going to a symphony concert with the kids.

What I'm looking forward to next month... We signed Sam up for a t-ball team and his first game is on Sunday. He'll play about two-three times a week until the end of June so I'm looking forward to that!
What else is new... Rachel has been bringing home reading home lately and it's been fun to watch her learn to read.

Bonus question:
What is my favourite thing to give/receive for Mother's Day?
I often send my mom a bouquet of flowers since she lives far away. My favourite thing to receive is time to work in our yard and plant flowers. Ha!
working in the yard with the kids,
Mother's Day 2014


  1. What!? Preaching? What a great opportunity! Excited for you and can't wait to hear about that!!

  2. That is awesome that you're preaching! Would love to hear more!! (And my girls are loving hummus and carrots these days too. Mom WIN.)

  3. I love the shoes! Too cute! Looks like y'all have been busy. I plan to get all caught up this weekend. I'm so behind on blogging and reading my faves. And I too, would like to hear more on the preaching!

  4. Hmmm, my boys love hummus so this reminds me I should get some for them on the next shopping trip. Ugh, I never feel like my house is clean these days. Even when we do clean it, I feel like we only get about two days before it feels dirty again. I guess that is the product of 3 kids and a dog in the house. Sigh. Our Summer is pretty short here now that the kids are on year round schedules, but we still pack a lot in on the weekends, and I know you will too. Hang in there! Just a few (or couple?) more months to go. Yes, definitely start a new shoe trend. Haha! Those are cute and look very comfy. And Sam is going to love being a ball player. So so cute! Our t-ball leagues are for 4 and 5 year old's so those games are pretty funny with such young players. Sam should be old enough to really get the hang of things and know what he's doing out there.


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