Thursday, April 14, 2016

#tbt The Zoo Edition

Do you all remember about a month ago our family went to the zoo for the day? Well, we got a family picture taken on a particular statue and it inspired me to do a #tbt post.

Here are Tim, Tessa, I, and Janice on the hippo statue in August 2003. (That sentence sounds weird but I think it is grammatically correct. Feel free to let me know if I'm wrong.) This was my first ever visit to the zoo. Obviously, this was pre-Willem and pre-Dave.
Here are Dave and I on the hippo statue in June of 2007, right before we moved to Alberta.
In July 2009 we got our first family picture on the hippo statue. (To clarify -- this wasn't our first picture ever as a family, it was just our first one as a family on this statue!) Sam is about three and a half months old here.
And here is our family on the hippo statue in March of this year.
We may look different every time we visit the zoo but the hippo statue remains a constant!


  1. So cute! I love comparisons like this. I think one of my favorites is our yearly pictures on the purple dinosaur at the park in Charlotte for our kids since they were very tiny. Ha! I love that you have a long history with this hippo! :-) *Note - I am no grammarian, but I think my only suggestion would be that "I" always goes last when listing multiple subjects, but I know it puts your names out of order from the picture so it works for me the way you wrote it. Haha!


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