Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Readathon/Passover Weekend What

This past weekend was full of Passover and the readathon. We had our first seder on Friday night at Dave's parents' house. Dave's mom came up with this pin the plagues on Pharaoh game which the kids really enjoyed playing.
Saturday morning at 8am (our time) the readathon started. Sam's plan was to read with me all day and Rachel and Dave were going to a concert in the morning and Rachel was headed off to a birthday party in the afternoon.
Sam was determined to start reading as early as possible and so somehow Dave ended up bringing all of us breakfast in bed. As you can see, Sam was the only one who mastered reading and eating!
It was a glorious day of reading. After going to a second seder in the evening, and after Rachel was in bed, Sam, Dave, and I read in the living room for almost two hours straight. And then I kept going on my own until 1:30. I decided not to stay up the full 24 hours but I did get about fourteen hours of reading in and read two and a half books.
 left: reading with Sam in the evening; 
right: the pile of books Sam read and the three I read

I know some of you think I'm crazy but I can't wait until the next one in October! Yay!!!

On Sunday night Dave wanted to try making matzah brei. He was rather disappointed that his ended up burnt and stuck to the frying pan. I asked if I could try making a batch and used a different frying pan. After the kids gobbled down seconds of my batch (I also added the secret ingredient of cinnamon), Dave declared me the matzah brei making queen.
And then we all went to bed early because we were exhausted. It was the perfect way to end our full weekend.


  1. I love your readathons!!! So inspiring!! I think I need a scrapathon weekend. I'm a bit behind.

  2. How sweet.

  3. I'm so happy I was able to introduce you to the readathon! I'd love to be participating myself, but it's hard with a baby around. Although you make me look forward to the day elley is old enough to join me too!

  4. I am always jealous of how much reading you can get done. There is no way I could read for 14 hours and not fall asleep. Haha! And I have been working on the same two books for about a month now. Sigh. And I love your Passover festivities and yummy sounding food!


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