Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Favourites

I don't normally link up with this blog carnival but I took an early morning walk today and thought about some favourites to share with you.
image from here
1) I LOVE the rail trail in our city. It gets me from my house to our uptown in about fifteen minutes. I've walked along this trail five times already this week, and already know I'll walk along it twice more today.
2) I LOVE these little flowers which are currently blooming in our yard. I think they are called pulmonaria (which I always get mixed up with "pulmonary" but it kind of makes sense because their common name is "lungwort.") Anyways, I LOVE these flowers.
3) The Readathon is coming this weekend and I am so excited about it. (If you follow me on Instagram, you are already in the know about this. I apologize in advance for the overgramming! If you don't follow me on Instagram and want to I'm "tashajk72.") I am excited to dive into some of these books.
4) And speaking of the Readathon some of the books above are for Sam. I am super excited that Sam is as excited about it as I am. I LOVE sharing my love of reading with this kid.
5) I am so happy that Spring weather has finally arrived in this area because it means it's laundry hanging time again! Those of you who have been reading around here for awhile are not at all shocked that this momentous occasion is making my Friday Favourites list.
Unfortunately I couldn't find a current laundry hanging picture
so this is from last summer.

And finally...

6) As I'm writing this post, banana chocolate chip muffins are baking. The smell of them is definitely a favourite of mine right now! Ha!
Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. hahaha, the blog it! I want to do a Readathon! I spy the RA Dickey book- will have to find you on insta!

    1. The RA Dickey book was written while he was a Met so I'm hoping it will still be interesting! :) And that's the one I'm planning on reading while listening to the Jays' game on the radio tomorrow. We'll see how that goes!

  2. I'm always so inspired by your comment to the readathon! I keep thinking "one day, one day."

  3. The trail looks so peaceful.
    I'm going to do the readathon....sort of. I'll tell you about it next week.

  4. Oh those are great things to love! Mmmm, banana chocolate chip muffins...I can almost smell them now! ;-)


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