Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Warmly Wonderful Weekend What

What I loved most about this weekend was how warm it was and how much time we got to spend outside. After having an unusual April cold snap, this past weekend was glorious here, weather-wise. We started out with walking to Vincenzos for lunch. Their sandwiches are my favourite and I would eat them every weekend if I could.
We stopped at Starbucks and everyone got fraps, my second one in three days. It must be Spring! And we gazed at the corduroy road which was uncovered during our city's construction.
Then we headed out to my favourite nursery to grab some pansies. It's way too early to plant annuals here but these pansies are hardy and my window boxes needed some colour. Unfortunately, the dirt in one of the window boxes was still too frozen to plant so I had to leave the job half done.
Then we had BBQ for supper with yummy broccoli. The kids were bribed with Cheetos and ate about two cups of broccoli each. Win!
On Sunday morning we went to church, and since the gorgeous weather trend continued, I got some pictures of the nutbars my lovely children.
They had just a touch of Spring Fever!
And then we spent the whole afternoon outside.
We ate pizza, our normal Sunday lunch, I did our taxes (why can't I always "earn" that much for an hour and a half of work?!?), we listened to the Blue Jays win over Boston, I read, Sam and Rachel did homework, Funny Bunny got sandy -- it was pretty much the perfect afternoon.
I think what I'm most excited about is that we have many wonderful, warm, fun weekends like this ahead of us. Bring it on Spring!


  1. Yay for spring and frappes and bribing kids with Cheetos! Maybe I should suggest that method to Ryan...I might eat more veggies myself! :)

  2. Wow! It looks like your weather has been about as warm as ours! (Of course, it's raining here today. :P )

  3. What a fun weekend! And that corderoy road thing is so interesting- thanks for the link!!

  4. Awe, I love Spring weekends like this before it gets too hot to really enjoy being outside. We are already just about in that too hot period so I am missing days like these. And I love the historical significance of that corduroy road find. How neat to see real history being discovered. I have always kind of wished I had become an archaeologist so I could work on dig sites like this. (History minor here) Haha! And again can I just say you look like your mother with your pretty necklace on while working in your garden. Just the picture of elegance and refinement! I think you really were supposed to be born in the South. ;-)


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