Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Week 30: Daily Routine

This the last post I'm writing for the 30 Week Writing Challenge. I've really enjoyed doing it. I'm copying Amanda a little bit here and posting approximately a photo an hour. I've also decided that sometime in February I will likely do a photo an hour for a day I work at home, just so you can see the difference! :)

These are all photos from yesterday.

5:19 am -- I had water boiling for tea and then I headed downstairs to work.
6:09 am -- I had both the washer and the dryer going while I worked.
Yes, I use my dryer sometimes :)
7:40 am -- This is what my work space in the basement looks like: a blanket to keep me warm and Lego exploding out of the bin. Sadly, I don't get to work with Lego.
8:24 am -- I grabbed a bit of breakfast and tried to write a partial blog post.
8:46 am -- I walked the kids to school.
9:13 am -- Before I could go to work I had to brush all the snow off the car.
10:19 am -- I enjoyed my first cup of tea at work. I used the mug Janice bought me at the very first Starbucks when they were in Seattle this past summer. Notice how much the logo has changed :)
11:57 am -- I was excited to box up some of the files from last year.
12:42 pm -- I walked to the mailbox to send some letters.
12:50 pm -- I grabbed some lunch and perused blogs for a few minutes. Since I like to minimize my time at work I don't really take a lunch break.
2:27 pm -- I said good-bye to my work pen and headed home. Yes, this is a lame picture but I LOVE my work pens. Also, as Amanda said I don't want to take pictures of all the interesting work things :)
3:20 pm -- I got a snack ready for the kids and grabbed one for me too!
4:37 pm -- I worked on addressing some Christmas cards while Rachel was in her dance class. Sam played iPad and Dave sent a few work e-mails.
5:20 pm -- Rachel was done her dance class.
5:50 pm -- We ate supper at Harvey's and picked up a few things at Costco.
7:25 pm -- While Dave gave the kids a bath, I changed sheets, tidied bed
rooms, and made sure the kids had clothes for the next few days.

8:10 pm -- I sat in Sam's room and blogged while he fell asleep.

 8:55 pm -- I folded a lot of laundry.

10:05 pm -- It was finally time for me to go to bed. I have become an old lady and like my comfort bag wrapped around my feet for extra warmth. Confession: I was so exhausted, I didn't actually get any reading done.


  1. Whoa, that Starbucks cup! I've never seen that logo before!

  2. I literally said to a coworker today "I can't imagine working all day, and then going home and having to take kids places and worry about anyone other than myself every night". This post confirms that. I think you're super mom! I would have been exhausted long before 10pm and I don't wake up until after 7am...

  3. Love that Starbucks mug! And how cute is Rachel in her dance outfit?!
    I agree with Natalie--you rock!!

  4. You are definitely doing a good job juggling a lot, but I know you were exhausted by the end of that day. I hope you got a good nights rest with nice warm feet all night. I just use Eddie as my feet warmer. Haha! Also, I must request that we eat at Harvey's when I visit because it always makes me laugh and think about how Evan used to call Arby's "Harvey's." Maybe he is actually a Canadian at heart. :-)


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