Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Week 27: How I Envision My Life To Be

Week 27 of the writing challenge fell during the week of Christmas and I didn't answer it then for two reasons. 1) I barely blogged that week and 2) I was kind of waiting for Amanda and Emily to answer it to see how they tackled this topic.

Part of the reason I waited is because, honestly, my life is pretty much how I envision it to be. There isn't much I would change about our current circumstances. I have a great husband and two pretty amazing kids.
We are living in our "forever home," as far as we know, and while there are things I would like to change slightly about it (a second toilet, a deck), it is pretty much exactly what we were looking for.
We have two kids and no plans for more. They are happy in school. Sam is in French Immersion and Rachel will follow in his footsteps. We are well connected at church and fairly connected at the synagogue.

So given all that, how do I envision my life to be? Well, for one thing, this year I am working full-time and Dave and I have determined that having two full-time working parents is a little too much for our family. So I while I would love to continue to work, I really don't want to work more than about fifteen to twenty hours per week. I like working as a bookkeeper and so I'd love to find something similar to what I'm doing now, just with fewer hours. Maybe I could be a bookkeeper for a church which would be so awesome!

Other than that, Janice and I dream about somehow making a living out of going for tea and blogging about it! Ha!
This past weekend I attempted a Pinterest find. (Hang on, this is related!) Since I traveled significantly when I was younger, I had quite the collection of coins from all over the world. A lot of them come from Europe (before the Euro) so they are pretty unique. I glued them all in a frame and hung them on our travel wall. I want to continue to travel, especially with Dave. I want to do a cruise sometime, I want to go to more of Africa (I've only been to Egypt), I want to go back to Europe -- so yeah, I envision way more travel in my life :)
Other than that, as I said above, my life is already pretty much how I envision it to be. Of course, I am looking forward to the things which will happen in my life which I can't envision as of right now. Although I know that not all of it will be amazing, I know that some of it will be, and I'm looking forward to seeing it unfold.


  1. I love this! Well done on the contentment scale! And what a great topic! I might have to ponder this one a bit myself!

  2. I love this, too!! It's wonderful to be living the life you dreamed of. :) That was such a smart idea to make a craft from those coins! And let me know if you start raking in the big bucks from going to tea with a friend...I could probably unearth a deep love of tea if that becomes a legit job option!! ;)

  3. Oh man, I would love to also work 15-20 hours a week. I have not yet pursued part-time finance/accounting work, but I think it would be great.
    Also, I highly encourage you to visit Africa, but like many places, do it when you can visit someone there. The parts of Africa I liked most weren't the elephants and safari (although that was cool) but rather just learning the ins-and-outs of daily Kenyan lifestyle. So many differences and so cool!

  4. If you visit Africa you won't be able to donate blood to the Red Cross for a! :) I always remember that being one of the questions.

    You seem very happy and content with your life and that makes my heart happy.

  5. Man, what a loaded question! Love your take on it - you have a beautiful family!!

    1. Thank you. It was a hard one for me to answer because I've already got so much of what I wanted, which I'm so grateful for.

  6. Your family pictures are just beautiful!!!! I love them. I'm happy for you my friend.

  7. That's a tough question! I'm glad you're able to cut back to part-time hours. Good luck finding something!

  8. I love that you are content with your life. It really seems to not be the norm these days with everyone always trying to "outdo" one another on social media. You know...bigger house, better vacations, nicer cars, etc. I was so happy last week when Evan told me they had an assignment in school to draw their dream houses. He said his friends were drawing theirs with bowling alleys, pools, etc., and he just drew his regular house like ours and says it is all he wants. I love that he has a contented heart. And I feel you on not being able to handle two working parents. I don't know how we did it before, but I really could not imagine being able to do it now. I really hope a nice work from home part-time job paying like $60K a year will just fall into my lap in the next couple of years. Haha! Now, if you and Janice figure out the drinking tea and blogging about it business, I hope you will fill me in. I think I could get on board with that. Or maybe we could open a little tea room down here? We have a serious lack of those as I discovered when searching for one for us to visit when you were here. ;-)


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