Thursday, January 28, 2016

In The Middle Of A Frozen Lake

So as I mentioned in my post on Tuesday, Dave and I had a fun, slightly stereotypical, Canadian winter date on the weekend. At the winter retreat, someone had a couple of pairs of snowshoes which they said anyone could borrow. So Dave and I went snowshoeing. I had never been before and I had so much fun! We went out onto the lake and took some fun pictures with Dave's Blackberry.
 Snowshoe selfie
 Dave gets some air!
 There's nothing around me.
 No one else has even been out here since it last snowed.
 I got some air too!
Our attempt at making a heart, 
which I think looks a little more like an owl.

And that was our fun Saturday afternoon date.


  1. Wow!! SPEAKING of date options that are not available to Georgians...hahaha. That's pretty awesome, though. Weren't you worried about falling through the ice into the lake??! Or does that only happen in movies?

  2. Oh, cute pictures!!! I've never been snowshoeing either...and to be honest, as long as I live in OK, I doubt that I will. But, it looks like a whole lot of fun!

  3. I don't care how Canadian I am... I still can't bring myself to walk onto a frozen lake!

  4. That looks SO fun! I always think of Garrison Keillor when thinking about people on frozen lakes. Ha!

  5. You two always seem to have so much fun together. You are truly friends as well as married partners. I love it!


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