Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Winter Retreat Weekend What

We went to our church's Winter Retreat this past weekend. We all had a lot of fun. We hadn't been able to go for the past two years so we were all really looking forward to it. The retreat is held at a camp about two hours north of where we live. The woods were gorgeous and snowy, but the weather wasn't too cold so it was really nice to be outside.
Dave took all these pictures on a winter walk.

I enjoyed that someone else did the cooking and the clean up. I only had to help set the table for one meal. I also enjoyed spending a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon reading by the fire and having good conversations with people.
Rachel enjoyed playing life size Dutch Blitz (Go Team Sunshine!!!), going on a sled ride, and looking at pictures on Tim's phone. She also like hanging out with Anya and Tessa :)
Sam enjoyed playing Risk for about ten hours on Saturday (I wish I were joking about the amount of time) and sleeping in a room with two of his friends.
Dave and I also enjoyed a typical Canadian winter date but you will get to read more about that on Thursday :) Oooooo... the suspense.

We're so glad we got to spend this fun weekend with people from our church and we're already looking forward to next year.


  1. Stunning views on that walk. And life size Dutch Blitz? I'm not even fast enough to win regular sized. I fear I would not fare well on life size versions!!!

  2. A weekend like this looks like so much fun! I would totally do something like this if I knew it existed here.

  3. Camps are the best! I'm jealous!!

    Also? Life sized dutch blitz sounds amazing... and hard!! I love that game.

  4. I love pictures of snow covered roads/trails through the woods like those Dave took because it makes me think of Robert Frost's poem "The Road less traveled." :-) And Evan really needs another "play date" with Sam. They would love playing Risk together for hours. :-)


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