Monday, December 08, 2014

Weekend To-Done

So on Friday I posted a list of things I needed to get done this weekend. Have you been on the edge of your seat all weekend wondering how I was (we were) doing on our to-do list? Well, I'm here to reassure you that it was an excellent weekend and we got A TON of things done. Including some things which weren't even on the original list. I won't post the entire original list, but here are a few things which got photographed while in process.

*Peel and grate about twenty potatoes so Dave can make latkes for our church small group Channukah party tonight.
*Pray the kids don't eat so much chocolate while playing dreidel at aforementioned gathering that they don't sleep tonight.
It was an intense dreidel game, as always, and the kids didn't get to sleep until after 10pm, but then they slept well all night, so we'll call this a success.

 *Eat nacho dip and watch "Friends" with Dave. You may have seen evidence of this on Instagram, and if you don't follow me there, you should. It's my favourite app; I even like it better than Facebook. gasp.

*Do some Christmas decorating indoors too, like putting up the nativity set.

Not pictured: Joseph and Mary recuperating after their pushing match to get to Baby Jesus first. I guess they were both eager to hold him and there were all these sheep in the way. 

*Do some Channukah decorating as well.
Thankfully I don't really care how the kids put up the decals in their rooms, which is good because Rachel organized hers by colour and Sam hung his so the "Channukah" can be read from outside, but not the "Happy." :)

And here are some things which weren't on the list:

*Figure out how a piano works.
*Bribe the kids with breakfast at Tim Horton's to have a really fast shower before church. Discover Tim's now serves oatmeal and It. Is. Delicious!
*Have an indoor picnic for lunch on Sunday. This was all Rachel's idea, by the way, although she wanted to eat outside. We compromised.
And we even had a fun adventure on Sunday afternoon which you can read about tomorrow.

And now I'm off to bed so I can cross "Get three good nights of sleep" off the list, and so I have energy to tackle the list I have for this coming week.


  1. I love the idea of an indoor picnic- smart thinking, Rachel!!

  2. We do indoor picnics quite often around here. Glad you crossed so many things off or your to do list and more. =)

  3. OH, and I think I agree. I like instagram much better than facebook too!

  4. Okay I have got to try to get into instagram again. I just forget about it all the time and forget to post stuff there. Sigh. Glad you had a fun and productive weekend! Love the shots of the kids putting up their Channukah window clings in their room. Brody and I put Christmas ones on our front door. I can only imagine how they would look if I hadn't helped him. Haha!

  5. I like instagram better too!!! GASP!!

  6. I hadn't realized I wasn't following on instagram... but just added you, so now officially I am!


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