Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Throwing In The Towel And Huddling Under A Blanket

I'm just popping in to say that you may have noticed a lack of posting this week. "But Natasha," you are wondering, "You said you were going to blog everything you do for a week this week. I was so looking forward to being bored."

Well, you really would be bored if I blogged everything I did this week because I'm sick. It's "just" a cold but I feel awful, my cough is settled in my chest (and not in a good way), and I spent most of yesterday "parenting from the couch," because, you know, that's a thing. Also, I didn't take a single, solitary picture, and even though my OCD side is cringing because of my Project 364, I was also feeling too rotten to care.

I'm doing better today, as evidenced by the fact that I had enough energy to write this scintillating blog post, but it will be another day of huddling under a blanket, trying to stay warm, drinking tea, and using up more than my fair share of trees in Kleenex form.

I'm hoping to return to blogging a full week in January. I really do like to see how I spent my days with my kids.

Until then, I've caught up on all my blog reading and commenting (if you were thinking of possibly posting today and decided not to, please, help a sister out and POST ALREADY!), and now I'll attack the stack of weekly newspapers which have been piling up for way too long, because reading a newspaper article is about the length of my attention span right now. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better and can progress to a book. Maybe...


  1. Oh no! I am so very sorry...although I do appreciate reading your comments! I seem to recall this happening last year when you attempted this project but maybe I am wrong. You think it would work better to do it in a less "sickly" time of year. We haven't been hit by any cold bugs lately...knock on wood. Haha! I do hope you feel better soon. Us moms should not get sick when we have so much to do. I hope you can just rest and try to enjoy your down time. Wish I could send you some soup for lunch! :-)

  2. Seriously, why does cold/flu season have to coincide with the holidays?? We already have too much going on and sickness makes it all the crazier! Hope your "just a cold" goes away completely ASAP!

  3. Aww..I'm so sorry you feel so crappy!! Maybe Sam can make you some tuna noodle casserole! It's probably a good time to start a new show on Netflix...have you watched Parenthood yet? I haven't, but it's going to be next after I finish Gilmore Girls. (It has 'Lorelei' in it, hence the mental connection I have between the two)

  4. So sorry you are sick... and yes, parenting from the couch is totally a thing!

  5. I actually have something sitting in my archives. I guess I better post it! I know it sucks to not be amused when you're sick! FEEL BETTER!

    1. Thank you for posting to your blog! I really enjoyed your post. And thankfully I do feel better today. Yay!

  6. I'm really hoping that you are feeling better now.


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