Friday, December 05, 2014

Weekend To-Do

So I'm basically killing two birds with one stone and writing a blog post and making our Weekend To-Do List. I'm feeling much better than I was earlier this week (yesterday I even washed our kitchen floor which was long overdue), and now I can multi-task again. Yay! I'm sooooo looking forward to this weekend (which officially begins in two hours and 24 minutes when Dave gets home) and it's not even because we have anything super-exciting planned. It's just because we'll be able to get a lot of stuff done.

So here's what's on my list of things to do this weekend:

*Renew all the library books which are due tomorrow.
*Order our Christmas cards after we get our family photos on CD on Sunday.
*Buy ornament hooks so Sam and Rachel can finish decorating the trees in their rooms.
*Fill out Sam and Rachel's passport applications so we can leave the country in February!
*Peel and grate about twenty potatoes so Dave can make latkes for our church small group Channukah party tonight.
*Pray the kids don't eat so much chocolate while playing dreidel at aforementioned gathering that they don't sleep tonight.
*Finish hanging the ornaments on the tree and window boxes outside.
*Eat nacho dip and watch "Friends" with Dave.
*Mail the two letters under the nacho dip in the above picture.
*Recuperate from the fact that Rachel went to Sam's Kindergarten class on her own today while I did some volunteering at the school.
*Do some Christmas decorating indoors too, like putting up the nativity set. What, you don't store your nativity set in the old beer box your parents sent it to you?!?
*Put away the three loads of laundry which are washed, dried, and folded. Probably do some more laundry.
*Deliver the flyers from today.
*Host our friends' kids for a babysitting time/play date tomorrow afternoon and for supper. It's always fun to double the size of our family for a few hours!
*Do some Channukah decorating as well.
*Get some more rooms in the house cleaned.
*Vacuum up all the Kleenex the kids shredded in the basement. (And by "kids" I mean "Rachel.")
*Finish a secret online project. (It's only a secret because a certain holiday is coming and certain people read my blog. I'll share more once a certain holiday is over. You can be certain of it!)
*Shovel the rest of the snow off the driveway. 

Wow! That's a lot of stuff to get done in one weekend. I better get to it since ideally I'd like to fit three good nights of sleep in there as well. And maybe even some exercise. What are you up to this weekend? Are you doing anything exciting or just hoping to cross a lot off your to-do list like I am? Which actually is exciting, if you're me!


  1. I did spend most of yesterday wrapping holiday presents. So basically they're all wrapped except for the boy's since he was in the room with me. As for today we have a few errands to run and then my FIL's birthday dinner. Of course that could all change depending on whether the baby wants to arrive today... but I don't quite see that happening.

    And I really wish there were better Hanukkah decorations out there. Especially since I feel like our Christmas decorations are so pretty, and are Hanukkah ones are just kind of bland.

  2. You all are busy, busy! But, I guess it's that time of year.

  3. Sounds like an ambitious but fun list! Glad you accomplished so much of it!


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