Monday, December 01, 2014

Week In The Life -- Sunday

6:43am -- My alarm goes off. I ignore it until 8:03 am when I finally crawl out of bed. By 8:30am, we are all eating breakfast. We have orange juice instead of smoothies, because we didn't buy bananas on Saturday and they are an essential smoothie ingredient. While we eat breakfast we menu plan for the next few weeks. Sam suggests "tuna noodle casserole" as always.
After breakfast, we get dressed and head out the door to church. I visit with some friends while Sam and Rachel attend Sunday School. Then we all head into the service. Because we are a bit late getting into the sanctuary we end up sitting right at the front which rarely happens.
The church is decorated for Advent.
(This picture was taken after the service.
We didn't have to sit this close!)

12:17 pm -- We go to Harvey's for lunch. Sam eats everything we order for him and Rachel has her chocolate milk, half a container of applesauce and two bites of her hot dog. Typical. Sam also becomes a comedian with one of his pickles.
1:07pm -- We are at the Clay And Glass Gallery painting our creations from a few weeks ago. Sam industriously paints his smoothie cup pink, brown, green, and royal blue. He does really well and I just help him with the inside which really needs to be covered in glaze if he wants it to be water proof. Rachel paints her vase, mostly using the colours the rest of us don't need. It should look... interesting... once it's fired. I paint my vases light blue, green, royal blue, and purple, and Dave paints his snowman.
We get home around 3:13 and decide to head outside to deal with some outdoor Christmas decorating. Dave attacks the ice in the rain barrel and manages the kids' various toilet requests so I can focus on decorating and making our Advent wreath.
This house needs some greenery. / One of my window boxes.
Hanging some ornaments on our tree.
All that ice was in our rain barrel. Thankfully we've had a couple of warm days and Dave was persistent with the ice chipper. Now our rain barrel is ice-free and in the garage for the winter.

By 5:20pm Dave is making supper, the kids and I have done a little bit of tidying and they are watching a video, and I need to decide whether to blog or fold laundry. I choose folding laundry. I also fold the burritos for Dave since he has decided I am the Burrito Folding Queen.
By 6:11 we are eating supper. Our national church always puts out an "Advent At Home" booklet and we want to try and follow it this year. We do our Advent candle lighting, read the scripture passage, and talk about where we see signs of hope. Rachel tries to blow out the candle and almost sets her bangs on fire. The key word here is "almost!" Sam finally blows the candle out successfully.
By 6:51 I am making smoothies, since Dave and the kids picked up bananas while I finished glazing my piece. Rachel finds the smoothie blender a little loud!
At 7:23 I am listening to the 102nd Grey Cup (Canadian Football League equivalent of the Super Bowl), but since my beloved Roughriders aren't playing I don't care all that much. Since we don't have a TV, I live stream a radio station which is broadcasting the game. I put the laundry away while Dave gives the kids a bath.
At 8:07 I am sitting in Sam's room, writing this blog post, while he falls asleep. Since it's a later evening we didn't do any reading tonight. Sam likes someone to sit in his room until he is asleep so I often read blogs or write a blog post while I sit there. Tonight, by 8:43, Sam is asleep and I head downstairs to finish writing this post.
At 9:43 the Grey Cup is over, this blog post is finished, I have dealt with some of the stuff on my desk (a never ending task, really!), and I am heading up to bed to read and go to sleep.


  1. Awww, this is so cute. Makes me glad I took a few minutes to catch up on blogs. FYI...I never fold laundry...just throw everything in the I guess I'm just lazy though.
    Hope you have a great week dear! :)

  2. "Deal with Christmas decorations" and "managing various toilet requests"....that made me laugh! Good idea to blog while sitting waiting for kids (Lincoln in our case) to fall asleep! Didn't think of that! Lincoln eats all his food at restaurants and Kate picks....also, how do our desks look exactly the same- covered and overflowing with junk!?!? Ugh.

  3. So I think this is where our kids are backwards...Evan is my picky one that we have to beg to eat much of the time while Brody is the eat anything kid who usually eats all his food. They will occasionally switch though. I love your Sunday...seemed pretty similar to ours. We got much of our Christmas decorating finished. Eddie just has a few more lights he wants to add outside. I was thinking it was at least nice there wasn't snow on the ground while you were outside decorating, but I wondered if this could also be the cause of your cold. Oh and I got my desk somewhat cleaned off too. I had actually piled a bunch of stuff on it that I removed from our downstairs kitchen counter that is usually full of kids' craft and school stuff. We don't have a kitchen junk drawer so this counter is our junk space. I want to keep it cleaned off during Christmas though because it looks so nice. Fingers crossed I can do it! And I cannot wait to see the pottery once it is has been fired. I really really want to make some pottery now. :-)

  4. You are one busy mama! I love these posts! I'm getting a new desk delivered in the next week or two. It's quite a bit bigger than the one that I have. I'm hoping that I don't just make room for more junk. ha!


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