Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Those Germans Know How To Celebrate!

Every year our city holds a Christkindl Market, which is a traditional German Christmas Market. A few years ago Sam really enjoyed going and hanging out in the model train room. He also enjoyed making a wooden reindeer craft. Rachel was only eighteen months and so she enjoyed hanging out in her stroller! Last year we were gone for most of the time the market was being held so we didn't get to go.

I had actually forgotten it was being held this past weekend until I read about it in our local paper and then it quickly got added to the list of things I wanted to do this weekend. Unfortunately, we were babysitting our friends' kids on Saturday afternoon so we didn't get to go to the kids' woodworking time. However, after our quick indoor picnic on Sunday, we were off.
We first headed to the craft room. Rachel and Sam made reindeer, and Sam made a Christmas tree ornament. While Rachel made some other things, including a Christmas crown, Sam and I checked out the various vendors. And drooled over all the yummy German baking.
Then we headed to the train room. There were about seven different trains on different tracks going around and around.
Sam and Rachel were completely entranced. And in the left picture, Rachel was waving at the trains as they passed her, not trying to touch them!
After we managed to drag the kids away from the train room, we watched a folk dance group. They were really fun to watch. However, I was slightly annoyed because every time I found a good spot for Sam to stand, a grown up would stand in front of him, and I'd be looking for a new spot. This must have happened about five times. Frustrating :( But the dancers were fun to watch and I think Sam could have watched them for longer, but their time was up.
On the way out we saw the world's tallest elf and a cool ice carving. We had a really good time and hopefully next year I'll remember the market in time to block off Saturday afternoon so we can go to the kids' woodworking time again. I know I'll they will really enjoy it!


  1. This looks awesome!! And I love your new blog design!!

  2. My kids would be in heaven with those train sets. And I feel you on the getting annoyed at adults who just ignore kids like they aren't even there. Poor Evan likes to go to the counter at fast food restaurants to order for himself and half the time gets overlooked and passed by several patrons before he is served. He isn't one to speak up too much. And we have definitely dealt with the insensitivity of adults at events like this one...even at the annual Live Nativity at Brody's church preschool. Sigh. That's why I was perfectly okay with Evan pushing himself to the front of the crowd to see the pandas this Spring at the National Zoo. :-)

  3. This looks like such a fun event. I would be annoyed to with an adult standing right in front of Sam. =( The world's tallest elf is great. I think I might need to see that. ha!

  4. Oh Lance would love that train display! He is crazy about trains right now. :) Glad you all had fun.


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