Wednesday, December 24, 2014

10 Reasons I Haven't Blogged Lately

Gack! I can't believe it's been a week since my last blog post. That was not intentional. Also not intentional is returning to blogging on Christmas Eve when nobody is reading blogs (or blogging) so you won't know I've actually not fallen off the face of the earth until next week. Anyways.. See below for the "Top Ten Reasons I Haven't Blogged Lately, The Official List."

1) My mom and dad are here for Christmas and there has been a lot going on. Namely, a lot of baking, so I've been eating my way through two batches of buns, a batch of cinnamon buns, a batch of peppernuts, and a batch of spanakopita. I don't think the oven will stay off for a single day my mom is here :)
Hot buns ready to eat!
(Half of these were gone within an hour. Yikes!)
2) Cleaning Rachel up after she's been helping to bake. While my mom is a neat baker, Rachel hasn't perfected that skill yet!

3) Taking more pictures of fireworks. These are from "Chanukah In The Sqaure" a public celebration of the first night of Chanukah.
Also, it was raining that night so you get 
a combination picture of fireworks and raindrops.

4) We went on a horse drawn carriage ride through Wonders Of Winter, our city's light display. It was fun!

5) We went and cut down our Christmas tree...

6) ...and then we decorated it.
We had to trim it quite a bit to get it to fit into our dining room.
(It looked smaller in the field!)

7) We've been celebrating Chanukah and Advent. #interfaithlife

8) We thought we were hosting some of my mom's side for a pre-Christmas gathering but Santa and four of her reindeer showed up instead! Ha ha ha!!!
And yes, these are onesies! 

9) Opa and the kids have been discovering fun things on the iPad. I think here they were learning that sharks don't actually make a sound. #homeschooling

10) Sam has been building parking garages.

So there's a slice of life from my neck of the woods lately. I promise I won't let a week go by until my next post, but since Dave and I have to go buy each other Christmas Chanukah December gifts today, I'm not making any promises :) Until then,


And don't eat too many cinnamon buns.

Wait, maybe that's just me... 

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  1. Okay, those are the very best reasons for not blogging! I love that your parents are with you for the season and all the fun you are having together! I just wish I could join the fun! One day, I want to meet your mom and dad (and you obviously)!


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