Friday, June 20, 2014

The Chronicles Of Rachel Turning Three

Someone in our house turned three on Tuesday and I don't think you can imagine the excitement! Rachel was thrilled to be able to finally wear her "three shirt" and announced all morning, "Now I am THREE!!!" and then added, "Tomorrow I will be three and a half!" Not quite kiddo :)

We picked up strawberries for Rachel to share with her preschool class as a treat, during which I discovered that Rachel doesn't really like strawberries. Oops :) However, she did get a big kick out of Mommy going to preschool with her, and out of her class singing her "Happy Birthday!"

I made tuna noodle casserole for supper, and since I'd had to do some errands, I picked up some of Rachel's choices for her favourite treats -- bear paws and Cheetos. (She might have been steered a teeny tiny bit towards the Cheetos!) Since I allowed her to indulge herself in treats after school she wasn't super-hungry for supper so we saved the special dessert for Wednesday night.

Rachel opened a really cool gift from my parents on Tuesday night, but because we were Facetiming them while she was opening it, we have no pictures. However, it will feature prominently at her birthday party tomorrow. We didn't let her open our present to her because it was pouring rain and we got her outside toys. So on Wednesday, the birthday celebrations continued.
We had strawberries and ice cream for dessert, but as previously mentioned, since Rachel wasn't all that thrilled with the strawberries, she gave hers to Sam and ate the ice cream. Then it was time to open the presents from Mommy and Daddy. Sorry that the following pictures are kind of dark. Also notice, we're not big on wrapping around these parts!
"What do I spy in the bag?"
Rachel loves Franklin The Turtle so we got her the first book in the series. Most of the rest of them were handed down to us.
Showing off her new ball and watering can from Mommy and Daddy

I think Rachel enjoyed her birthday celebrations, but for months she has been looking forward to her birthday party, which we are having tomorrow. So tune in next week to read more about Rachel turning three.


  1. Love that 'three' shirt, and I totally relate...I was always (and am always, although not really with my age, but with other dates I'm counting) rushing to the 'and a half' too!! Like our anniversary will be June 30, but probably by late July, I'll already be saying we've been married 7.5 years. ;) So maybe some folks never grow out of that!

  2. Happy Birthday Rachel! I can't wait to read all about her party.

  3. I still love those birthday number shirts and want to get some! How funny that Rachel didn't like strawberries...although if she is like most toddlers she'll be liking them again in 3 months. Brody goes back and forth on different fruits. He'll get tired of one kind for a while and take a break. Haha! Those look like perfect gifts for your sweet, fun girl!

  4. Awww....I can just picture her watering the flowers cute!


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