Thursday, June 19, 2014

Seven Years Of "Here's The Scoop"

Ever since Allison blogged about the place where she wrote her first blog post, I have been wanting to give a little bit of the history behind "Here's The Scoop." And since today marks seven years since we started this blog, I decided it would be a good day to share. But first I need to go way back and give a little bit of Dave and Natasha history so grab a beverage, sit back and prepare to be bored entertained.
Dave and I the day we left Ontario for Edmonton
picture by Tessa (age 6) 

Dave and I probably met way back in November of 2003. My first clear memory of him is the night he and a girl announced they had just started dating. We were part of a group of people who mostly hung out at this one house where five guys lived. I started going there because I was interested in a different guy who lived there. Then, this fun group of people just drew me in. Plus they had CSI nights with 20 people crowded in the basement watching the show on a 52" TV. And when I had to work late, people would stay up with me for the midnight showing. It was awesome.

After awhile I got tired of not having a boyfriend and decided that Nick, off the original CSI, was my boyfriend. It became a huge running joke and people were very supportive of the "long distance aspect" of our relationship. Ha ha ha! During May 2005, Nick was featured in an episode called "Grave Danger," and following that episode whenever Nick would have flashbacks, I would jokingly say, "Don't worry sweetie, I'll just scoop you up and hold you."

Fast forward about a year and Dave and I were housemates and becoming attracted to each other. We talked about the possibility of a relationship (A LOT!!!) and one of the first things that made Dave notice me in that way led back to those CSI nights. When I would talk about scooping Nick up, Dave says he thought, "I wouldn't mind her scooping me up."

So then "scooping up" became an inside joke for us. So when we talked about starting a blog, because we were moving halfway across the country, and trying to think of a name, "Here's The Scoop" seemed perfect because of its double meaning. We were keeping people informed by giving them the scoop, and it was meaningful for us too!
 a picture of the place we wrote those first (absolutely riveting!) posts

So seven years ago we were house sitting for Tim and Janice while they were in Austria, and we wrote our first posts in their family room.
eating supper with Tim, Janice, Tessa, and Willem
I love how young we all look and check out the
phone on the wall!
At first we updated our blog sporadically and then, about three and a half years ago, I decided to be more intentional about writing every day. And then people besides our parents and friends started reading it.

And now our blog is not only a scrapbook of our lives, but it's also introduced me to a lot of really cool people. So seven years on, I am really thankful that, on this day in June 2007, Dave and I decided to "start a blog."

*Thanks to Tim for digging up all these old pictures for me. 


  1. What a sweet story! I love the meaning behind your blog name even more now.

  2. Hahaha that's awesome!! I never would have guessed there was a double meaning to 'scoop'!!!

  3. Boring story!? I liked that story! And you guys haven't aged one bit!

    1. Thank you! Thank you! I didn't show close up pictures of our hair to prove we actually have aged! Ha!

  4. I love your brief love affair with Nick from CSI and how it brought you two lovebirds together! Haha! What a great love story! And how scandalous of Dave to have thought about you scooping him up when you were "involved" with another man! ;-)

  5. Very cool! Happy bloggiversary! (I never know how to spell that.)


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