Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Sam And Rachel's Favourite Food Ever

It has become a running joke at our house that whenever we ask the kids what to make for a meal, their answer is "tuna noodle casserole." Supper? Of course! Lunch? Well, maybe, if we had an hour. Breakfast? Never. Yuck. Who wants tuna noodle casserole for breakfast?!?!?

Some of my blog friends have said that I need to share the recipe to what is obviously "the greatest food ever." Well, it's a highly prized secret but I'm willing to tell a select few of you. It's also pretty complicated to make but I trust that you all have professional cooking skills and can whip up this dish on your own.
Take one can of tuna and one can cream of mushroom soup.
I always buy the store brand because it is cheaper and also,
no one is sponsoring this post! Ha ha ha!
Dump it all out into a baking dish, 
along with a "generous dollop" of mayonnaise.
I know, I know, "generous dollop" is not very helpful. It's maybe 1/3 c. Maybe???
Add more if you like it creamier, less if you don't want it to be so creamy.
Stir it all together.
It looks gross at this point, but this is the secret to a delicious casserole.
Meanwhile cook a bunch of noodles. It doesn't matter what kind.
I never measure how much, I know how many noodles I need to fill my baking dish.
If you have more noodles, it will be less creamy.
Stir everything all together in the baking dish.
Cover with a generous amount of grated cheese.
I always use cheddar but any cheese (that melts) will do.
I have a friend who adds peas, but we just go for carbs and creaminess!
Cover and bake at 350F for one hour.
If you want it a little more crispy, you can uncover it for the last fifteen minutes.
I always forget to do that part though.
Serve and enjoy.
Sam always eats three helpings of this.

This is a great dish for those cold days of winter, for those days when you want to take fifteen minutes to throw supper together and then forget about it for an hour, or for those days when all you have in the house is some tuna, mushroom soup, cheese, and pasta. (How sad is it that those are considered staples for us???)

And now you have the secret to Sam and Rachel's favourite food ever. If it was up to them we'd eat it for supper every day and twice on Sundays.


  1. We had something similar to this when I was growing up. Yum! These days I can only make and serve tuna if Matt is out of town because he doesn't like it.

  2. Your secret it out. =) Growing up my mom would may like this, but she would cook it all on the stove top. Some days, it would be a box of mac-n-cheese with a can of tuna mixed in. I'm going to have to try baking this. Yum!

  3. Man!!!! This is about to blow up on Pinterest, I can tell!!! Do you think I could sub a different soup? I don't like COMushroom...would COCelery or COChicken work? Also, I never have an hour for dinner to sit in the oven. Can I microwave it instead?? (Hahahaa that is totally a joke. I mean, not the not-having-an-hour, that's true. But I won't attempt the microwave.)

  4. We ate that growing up too!!! Neal hates it so I only get it when I go home...whenever you visit this is on the menu!! ;)

  5. At least they are easy to please! :)

    1. They are easy to please if I make this every day! Ha ha ha!!! Actually, they are usually pretty good eaters.

  6. Hot diggity! I have everything in the house to make the tuna casserole and will do so tomorrow, unless life gets in the way. Thanks for the recipe! I make one that requires me to make a white sauce from scratch and I never feel like doing that, or if I do we don't have fresh milk in the fridge. I'm excited to try your quicker method.


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