Monday, June 16, 2014

Celebrating Father's Day With Food And Family

Our well planned, well thought out Father's Day started with us waking up at 9:06. This would have been a lovely start except church starts at 9:30. Needless to say there was a fair bit of panic going on. However we all showed up looking (mostly) respectable at 9:50. The kids had fun at their Sunday School outdoor activities, I managed to attend most of the congregational meeting while eating breakfast, and Dave fit in guitar practice for the service, all before 10:45. Whew.
Since both Mother's and Father's Day this year started out with unplanned breakfast trips to Tim's (power outage, sleeping in), Dave and I decided that, from now on, official Tim's breakfasts are now our traditions for those days. Also, the picture above is why I usually take multiple pictures of Dave in hopes that at least one turns out.

After church we did some quick errands to prepare for Dave's family coming for supper. We were undecided as to what to do for lunch until I remembered I needed to get cheese from the deli and passed the sushi bar. Dave loves sushi so I picked some up for him for lunch.
Then we hosted Dave's family for a BBQ and Dave's mom brought lemon squares for dessert. Dave was a happy camper :)
Before the kids went to bed, I declared that we needed a Father's Day photo shoot. We got some nice pictures like this...
...before things devolved into this:
Thus we declared it bedtime and everyone in our house was asleep before 10. And I do mean everyone!


  1. What a great Father's Day! I love the pictures of Dave and the kiddos. Rachel looks like such a big girl!!! I think going to Tim's is a perfect tradition. =) And I have to giggle about how hard it is to get a good picture of Dave. I have a few people in my family like that...Jason...Payton...Addi...just to name a few. ha!

  2. Lemon bars, YUM! And that sounds like a perfect new tradition to start!!


  3. It seems like we are always late for church. Sigh. Glad Dave had a good father's day...just being together made it special, I am sure!


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