Monday, June 02, 2014

Southern Partying, Canadian Style

Exactly a month ago today was my birthday. And it wasn't the best birthday ever, and so after some discussion, Dave and I decided that I would get a whole birthday month. Well, on Saturday, the last day of my birthday month, we had my birthday party.

About a week and a half ago, my blog friend, Erika, blogged about something called "a low country boil." And in the blog comments, people were either "This is the best thing ever" or "What are you talking about?" I was in the "What are you talking about?" category, and Erika commented that I needed to host a Georgia-themed party with low country boil, banana pudding and "Coke of course" since it's from Atlanta. (And you all know how much I love my Coke!) And just like that, my birthday party was set. Erika even agreed to be our Southern/Georgia expert :)

Dave and I came up with a menu, using all the knowledge I've picked up from reading blogs (I knew we HAD TO have sweet tea, of course!), a few of our own stereotypes (mint juleps, anyone?), and advice from Erika (the Old Bay Low Country Boil recipe, banana pudding, and something called "Redneck Caviar"). Basically we were all set.

Sadly, Canadian stores weren't very accommodating of our party theme, so while we found some Old Bay seasoning...
...we had to make do for some of the other items, including Ro-Tel. We mixed a can of tomatoes with a can of green chiles and called it done.
A few hours before the party we bought the last of the items we needed and made the banana pudding. Since we couldn't find Pepperidge Farms Chessmen cookies, we substituted shortbread cookies and hoped it was good.
Our sweet tea was ready to go!
I'm surprised you didn't all hear my shriek of excitement and COMPLETE SURPRISE when my friend, Jen, showed up with a can of Ro-Tel for my birthday present!!! In fact, I left her at the door and ran up the stairs, can in hand, yelling like a maniac, to show Dave! Then I ran back downstairs and hugged Jen. And now I have a question for you all -- I have one precious can of Ro-Tel in my possession. What recipe do I absolutely have to make with it??? Choose wisely :)
Dave and I kept asking ourselves what the heck we were doing? Why were two Canadians preparing a Georgia state delicacy for a group of all our friends?! What if it turned out awfully and we had to order pizza? After all, the mint juleps were not a rousing success. Sadness. Let's just say I was right to look a little skeptical in this picture.
We decided that if the low country boil (LCB) didn't turn out, we would just order a bunch (more) pizza and hopefully everyone would enjoy the story of the party that had the worst food ever. (We ordered pizza for the kids because we didn't know if they would be into the LCB.)
Dave looking skeptical as he makes the LCB.

As the time drew nearer, my friend and I covered our picnic table with paper (to be authentic) and everyone gathered around. Dave brought out the first round of food...
And then he dumped it...
And then we dug in.
And there was not much talking because there was a whole lot of eating going on. You guys, if you have never had this, either get yourself to Georgia or tackle it on your own. We used farmer's sausage from Saskatchewan (to give it a Canadian twist! Ha!), and it was amazing. We were all trying to figure out which different occasions we could make it for. And Tim and Janice commented that they own a whole jar of Old Bay seasoning which was really good to know :)
Me and Dave, who orchestrated the whole thing, 
including bringing Erika on board as our official party consultant. He rocks!

We ate, and talked, and ate some more. Even the kids ate, although they got pizza. Of course, Sam and Rachel ate the LCB which completely made me laugh. Sam might have eaten more shrimp than I did! Especially once we explained to him that he needed to peel it :)
And then after we had eaten ourselves into a food coma, there was dessert. Keeping It Klassy with our kids' picnic table as the dessert table. Ha ha ha!!!
I kept telling Dave that it was "the best birthday party ever!!!" and it truly was. I loved celebrating with all my friends!!! I loved and adored the food!!! It was just so much fun!!! And the best part was that yesterday I got to eat all the party leftovers so the goodness just kept on. Sadly, there was no leftover LCB :( Boo. However, we do have more corn, shrimp, and potatoes in our kitchen, and Tim and Janice have a bunch of Old Bay seasoning, so while this might have been our first LCB, it definitely won't be our last one!!!


  1. Glad you had a great party! And I'm amused at how excited you were over that can of Rotel ;)

  2. I'm so glad that you had a great birthday party! I've never had a LCB - there are several places around town where I can, but around here, it's served with craw fish, instead of shrimp. But how can I not try it after your great review? I love how excited you are about Rotel. Next time you need some, let me know! I'll gladly mail you a can or two any time you need some my friend. It could be a new business venture for the two of us...importing/exporting Rotel to Canda. Maybe not??? lol

  3. Hahahaha I'm with Allison-- that is so funny. I can mail you Rotel anytime you want, so don't feel like this What Rotel Recipe decision is the end of the world!!! I'm so glad everything went well and that folks liked the LCB!! Now I'm really in the mood for some myself! And yeah, I've never had a mint julep, but I hear they're really strange!!

  4. Glad your Southern feast was so delish! Of course, don't give Georgia all the credit here because many of these items actually come from other states. South Carolina is the low country state, and NC is the birthplace of Coke and Pepsi. You're welcome! ;-)

  5. Okay, I was mistaken about the Coke part of the previous comment! ;-)

  6. Hahaha I'm glad Sherry corrected herself, or I was about to have to... ;) But yeah, LCB is totally a SC thing that the rest of the south happily adapted!!

  7. Oh yeah- South Carolina! :) We have an outside cooking pot to make Lowcountry Boil- it is delicious! (My brother-in-law is from North Carolina and calls it "Frogmore Stew"....not sure of spelling....and I hope he doesn't include frogs!!!). And I did not know Rotel was regional...things you learn! And I think I need to have a Canadian party now :) (and you can totally tell it is naptime...everyone is posting! Hah!)

  8. Looks like fun was had by all! Hope you had a great birthday month!!!!

    1. It was a great time and I had an excellent birthday month. It totally made up for the yucky birthday day!

  9. Y'all are so much fun. This Georgia girl who has never made a LCB, is really appreciating all this. Too cute!

  10. We do this in Louisiana but with crawfish instead of shrimp. And people tend to put in a ton of other things with the potatoes and corn. I know I'm a big fan of adding heads of garlic, onions, and mushroom. I've also heard of people using artichokes, but I've yet to actually try it. Although I think it'd be pretty amazing as well!


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