Monday, June 09, 2014

Explaining My Absence

Last week was a strange blogging week. Well, it was a unusual week in general. I was crazy busy most days and, except for Friday, hardly spent any time at home. I just had a lot to do and a few extra activities which meant I spent a lot of time driving around. So when I was at home, I crashed. And watched about twelve episodes of Gilmore Girls. Late at night. Which meant, I stayed up too late, and was exhausted during the day. Did I mention it was a strange week?!?!?

Monday I had tea with my aunt in her garden and did a bunch of errands. I also got a headache and napped for a bit in the afternoon. Then I went on a garden tour. The pool we joined is actually part of a neighbourhood association and one of the things they've organized for June is garden tours of people's yards. I am so excited about this. Last week's garden was mostly variations of greens, with some white thrown in. It was so lovely.
On Tuesday, Tessa was competing in our city's track meet so Rachel and I went with Janice to watch. We were there for about three hours and I was so glad it was a beautiful day. Tessa came in third in both of her events -- 60m hurdles and the 800m run.
Tessa is in the closest lane, in the blue shirt.
 Rachel opted to skip preschool to go cheer Tessa on.
I love how Tessa is flying in this picture. Neither of her feet are touching the ground!
Rachel fell asleep on the way home and proceeded to nap for almost two hours. This is the kid who hasn't napped since Christmas unless she is sick.
Sam got this participation certificate for being a part of his school's science fair. For some reason the combination of the certificate and the picture of Sam made Dave and I laugh so much!!!
On Wednesday night I got to attend a special concert in honour of Janice's dad. It was a performance of a fourteenth century mass and it was beautiful. Unfortunately, Janice's dad is quite ill right now. If you could say a prayer for him, for Janice, and for their family, I would really appreciate it.
Sam was home sick for three days last week. He had a cough, threw up once, and had a bit of a fever. On Thursday, Rachel had preschool and Sam had a dentist appointment. We decided not to go home after Sam's appointment and spent some time walking along the lake in one of our parks.
On Thursday night we all drove out to watch Tessa compete in the county finals for her events. Here she is hurdling her way to fifth. She is in the sky blue shirt.
And here she crosses the line in her 800m event, also finishing fifth. Way to go Tessa!!!
Tim and Janice invited us to join them at Wendy's for Frosties. I could tell Sam wasn't feeling well because he just wanted to cuddle and wasn't all that interested in his Frosty. Boo.

And that is just a slice of some of the craziness that was my week. Hopefully this week will be a little quieter and I'll be able to blog a little more regularly. We shall see..


  1. Karsyn is just like Rachel in the napping department. Most days, she won't take one, but when she does, it's a good one! I too, have been staying up way to late this past couple of weeks. I always regret it the next day. I'm sorry that Sam hasn't been feeling to well. That totally stinks!!! I'm sending prayers up for Janice's dad.

  2. Oh man...I need to rewatch all of the seasons of GG. That is worth losing sleep over!!!

  3. Why be inside blogging when you can be enjoying the sun outside? Looks like you've been busy!!

    1. It was a great week of enjoying the sun! After our long winter I know you understand :)

  4. It definitely sounds like a busy week. I love that you are so active in participating in Tessa's sporting events. I know it is a special time for her. We love days of two hour naps which are definitely becoming more rare these days. Luckily, Brody took one yesterday because he was so tired and cranky after our trip to the library. He usually falls asleep in the car, but it is tricky to get him into the house without him waking up these days. Sigh. I will definitely pray for Janice's dad, and I hope Sam is feeling better now. I haven't had a Wendy's frosty in ages, and I think I must remedy that soon. Of course, I simply must have some fries to dip in it. Haha!


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