Monday, February 03, 2014

Working Shoveling For The Weekend

This weekend we made up for all (or at least a lot of) the time we've spent indoors the last two weeks. It finally warmed up enough that being outside wasn't horrible. So Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon Dave and I instituted Family Shoveling Time. Because we got another dump of snow on Saturday, let's just say that all those hours of shoveling were necessary. To be honest, by Sunday afternoon my wrists hurt so much that I went outside for a bit to take pictures but in reality it was a Family Shoveling Time Without Mommy kind of afternoon :)

 Rachel got a kick out of dropping shovels of snow on Dave's foot and saying, "I buried you!"

I enjoyed taking arty pictures of my ornaments. I think they look like they are wearing toques!

Dave with the piles of snow he shoveled this past weekend. I used our new scoop to push the majority of the snow to Dave and he had the harder job of shoveling the snow, since it involved flinging shovelfuls of snow onto the already tall piles.
To be fair we didn't spend the entire weekend shoveling snow, although it kind of felt like it at the time. We made pizza again on Saturday night, and the dough turned out a lot better this time. Sam even deigned to eat a few mushrooms on his!

Sam also entertained Rachel by playing iPad games, I had a nap, and Dave vacuumed the basement and did some laundry.
And we started making Valentine's cards for the kids' friends at school. Sam is making Lego blocks and on the back it says, "You're a friend I'll never LEGO of!" We're making owls for Rachel (she'll help glue the final red heart in place) and they'll say, "Owl be your friend forever!" Thank you Pinterest for the ideas :)
Sam is good at gluing the dots into place.
The partially finished cards are drying.

And that has been our weekend. The best part of this week is that it's not supposed to snow for the next two days. I can hardly contain my excitement!


  1. I'm all for putting 'em to work young! ;)

  2. Speaking of things we never, ever have to do in shoveling time? Holy cow. ;) I will note, however, that home improvement stores in the South do keep snow shovels in stock during hurricane season because they're the best for mucking out houses that get destroyed by hurricanes. Interesting factoid, right? I discovered this doing hurricane relief work after Katrina in 2005. Mad rush on the snow shovels (in September. In Louisiana.)...

    Also, those Valentines are SUPER cute and way better than lame store-bought ones. Love them!!

  3. My goodness, ya'll have been working hard! We're getting snow in too, but it's nothing like what you have. I love the Valentine's Day cards. Way too cute!

  4. Love the valentines! But that whole "no snow for the next two days" thing, what happened to that? That sounded great. ;-(


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