Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Making Me Laugh And No Regrets

These pictures I took of Rachel this morning make me laugh! We went to a Fit Kids program at the Early Years Centre.
The kids were encouraged to walk and balance a beanbag on their heads.
 This was Rachel's best attempt! Ha ha ha!
In other news, I do not regret giving up my gym membership at all. Remember how I said I was going to find ways to exercise while not leaving my family to do so? Well be careful what you ask for...
Tonight we will be having yet another Family Shoveling Time to deal with the 15-20cm (that's a mere 6-8 inches!) of snow that is scheduled to fall today. That will take care of my weight lifting portion. The cardio is pulling Sam and Rachel in the sled to do the school pickups, and it's about as fun as it sounds. For Sam and Rachel that is :)


  1. Oy vey!!! That snow is TOTALLY a free workout program!! But I hope you're not wearing your cute yoga pants and tanks...being fashionable is important, but not having frostbite is even MORE important. :)

  2. "Real life" exercises are my favorites!

  3. I will use the southern phrase of "bless you" here.... I cannot even imagine pulling/lugging both kids on a sled to school and back!!! You are right! No gym membership needed there!! And I laughed at the "family shoveling event" scheduled... Hope you all won good medals ;)

  4. I can't believe all that snow! I was over it when we had ours for three days...ha! : )

  5. Rachel looks like such a big girl! Why are our babies growing up so fast?

  6. Oh my! As much as I love the look of snow, I know it can be a pain to have too much of it. You are so good at looking at the "bright side" though. Rachel looks so cute riding in her sleigh! :-)


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