Wednesday, February 19, 2014

High Flying Fun!

 Yesterday Willem turned nine, however his party was on Monday, since it was a holiday.
Willem's friends were invited to join him at Airborne Trampolines, and I was invited along to take pictures of the party. I took 447 pictures (no joke!), and am only sharing a few of some people you might recognize.
Tessa and her trampoline partner allowed me to have a turn jumping, while Janice took over as photographer. Sadly, I did not come prepared to jump and so had to hold on to my pants! Ha ha ha!!! Also, these trampolines are super-bouncy, so even though we had a trampoline while I was growing up, these were very different. I want Dave and I to have a date night here sometime because I think it would be a lot of fun!

Tim took a turn...
...and so did Janice. I love the expressions on Janice's face!
I love being the "official photographer" for Tim and Janice's kids' birthday parties because, not only do I get to spend time with them, but I get to have a lot of fun experiences. I can't wait to go back to this place because my short taste of it was definitely not enough.


  1. How much fun! Evan just went to a birthday place at an indoor trampoline park too. It was fun! A date night there would be a blast.

  2. I wish they had something like that around here...looks fun. : )

  3. We have a place like this, and Evan has been begging to go back since he went at the beginning of Kindergarten with one of his new school friends. Yes, those trampolines are super bouncy! Our trampoline place is called "Sky High." I am thinking we may have to do a birthday party there one day. :-)

  4. I cannot imagine getting on a trampoline after what these two babies did to my body--ha--good for you!!

  5. These make me laugh...SO hilarious...the expressions on the grownups faces....Too much!! :)


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