Monday, February 17, 2014

We Are Family

So a few years ago, someone in Canada decided we needed a long weekend in February, so today is Family Day, for most of Canada, that is. We've had a fun weekend thus far with more adventures planned for today. Friday night we celebrated Valentine's Day with our annual McDonald's meal. I guess it's mine and Dave's way of rebelling against the imposed "You must be romantic" nature of the holiday :)
Dave's parents sent the kids cards, and Sam's was a pirate theme with an eyepatch. He wore the eye patch like that the entire day, even at school, I think! Crazy child...

On Saturday, a few teens from our church were in Seussical The Musical at our local Mennonite high school so we took Sam to see it. It was so fun!!!
We got home from Seussical and I suggested to Dave that it would be a good night to try Kidsplash, the public swim at our pool for families with kids six and under. We hurried through supper and headed off to the pool. We had a ton of fun and the kids are already asking when we can go back. Hopefully in a couple of weeks we'll be able to make it work again because it was just good relaxing time for all of us.

Yesterday we went to church for the first time in four weeks. Whoo hoo!!! Sickness had kept us away for far too long. It was a service where there was no sermon and we just sang a lot of hymns. It was nice to be back. Then we had an impromptu lunch out with Tim, Janice, Tessa and Willem.

Yesterday was a major laundry day around here -- we had all our swimming stuff to wash, plus it was way past time to change all the bedding. Oh boy. I think I did about five loads of laundry yesterday with another three or four still to go. Yikes. A minor miracle occurred though and I've already folded and put away four loads!

Yesterday was also the day when my right ankle decided to be grumpy. It does this every once in awhile. I wore a tensor bandage all afternoon and evening and limped around the house. It was fun. Hopefully my ankle decides to behave again soon. (Like today would be nice.)
Today I'm excited to go take pictures of Willem's birthday party (remember last year???), and then Dave and the kids will be joining us for supper. And tonight the weather is supposed to change. After what feels like months of cold weather, the temperature is shifting to lows of -4C (25F) and highs of +4C (37F). I cannot wait!!!
And this picture of Rachel has nothing to do with anything, I just thought it was really funny! Enjoy your day today, even if you don't get an arbitrary, made up holiday :)


  1. We have a holiday today too - President's Day!! I think I'll be celebrating by doing about a million loads of laundry too - there's a reason why we are friends. ha! Sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend! The swimming sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Family Day??! That's pretty awesome. Way better than Mother's/Father's Day. And an indoor swim place sounds like a pretty great necessity for you Canadians!! Otherwise you may never get enough warm days in a row to teach your kids to swim!! :) Glad yall had fun!

  3. Nice--today is Presidents' Day, but we're not off!

  4. Family day sounds so sweet. I love that.
    I know what you mean about the laundry...we're still potty training Lance, so we've done lots lately. : )

  5. Yep, we had a holiday too (President's Day), but sadly, I still had to work. Evan would have been out of school, but he was having a snow make up day. I think I like the sound of Family Day better...what could possibly be better to celebrate than family! :-)

  6. We totally do not do Valentine's either!! Pizza is our normal affair for it....except this year my mom was here and forced us to leave the house...haha :) And Rachel's eyes are beautiful by the way!!


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