Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weird, Wacky Wednesday

This is basically a post of randomness. It's a post of things I want to share and which don't fit cohesively into one blog post. This is a post which would work really well as a "Five On Friday" except it's not Friday and I don't have five.

First of all I want to say that I feel guilty about my absence from all of your blogs. Except for being extremely busy, and watching too much Olympics, I really have no excuse. I will catch up so hopefully soon you will be seeing comments from me on posts you've even forgotten you wrote, let alone posted. Ha!

Dave and I had a date on Saturday. We went out to an Indian restaurant (Classic Indian, which is delicious), and since we had a coupon, I had no compunction about ordering both my favourite appetizers, as well as a main course. And then all my food came and I was kind of overwhelmed.
Next time I'm just ordering the appetizers! Ha!

Like most of the rest of Canada (seriously, read the article and remember a) there are only about 35 million people in Canada and b) the game started at 7am for me, and 3am for people living on the West Coast), we woke up early and watched the hockey game on Sunday before church. Some churches across Canada opened their doors for the game but ours was not one of them :)
I particularly like this picture of Sam watching and I went looking on my computer for pictures of Sam during the gold medal game in Vancouver in 2010. He's changed just a bit since then :)
Sam 2014 (not quite five)
Sam 2010 (not quite one)

My friend, Erika, apologized on her blog recently for being so weather focused. Honestly, I feel like almost every blog I read has been weather focused this past winter and, really, with the weather we're having, I'm not surprised. It feels like we are all in the winter-trenches together, carrying each other through until Spring. On that note, I hope you all are able to carry me through this week -- we're heading into the deep freeze again, starting today and continuing until the weekend. Wish me luck, and if you're having some Spring-like weather already, please please please send it my way. I'll send you some of the cookies I baked this past weekend in return. In fact, I'll even bake a fresh batch just for you. I feel like that's a fair deal :)

PS. Only 35 more days until New Zealand. I'm both excited (about going, being kid-free, and the warmer weather), and nervous (leaving Sam and Rachel for so long, although I know they will be fine). Yikes :()


  1. I've missed you in bloggy land! Glad you are doing well though and having fun with life, which is, of course, the important thing. SO excited to read all your New Zealand posts! :)

    1. I'd missed being in bloggy land. And it was so silly because I really had no excuse. And I cannot wait until New Zealand. We'll be there in a month. Yikes :()

  2. Little baby Sam is SO cute! I was actually talking to my friend as we were making the haul back to school Sunday afternoon that I'm sure so much will have changed in our lives before the next winter olympics!

    I can't wait for you to go to NZ either because I can't wait to read about it!!!

    1. It's a little crazy to me that next time the Winter Olympics come around Rachel will be almost seven and Sam will be almost nine. Craziness!!!

      And I wasn't blogging regularly when Sam was a baby so he needs to make an appearance every once in a while!

  3. YUM- your Indian food looks delicious!!! I'm so excited for your NZ trip!!! They went there on The Bachelor this season, so obviously it must be a pretty great place to visit...hahaha

  4. Oh the Indian food looks yummy! What did you order? I wouldn't know where to begin.

    Glad to read Erika's comment about the Bachelor. They went there and visited some of the spots that your going to. It made me so excited for you.

    Your hair is getting so long! It looks so pretty and healthy.

    And don't ever feel bad about talking about your winter. Ya'll have had it rough! You are tough stuff though.

  5. We got our taste of Spring like weather yesterday and our back in the winter trenches today. I am thankful we got the little taste of Spring and am trying to stay positive that the real thing is just around the corner. And Sam was such a cutie patootie and still is! :-)


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