Monday, February 10, 2014

Let The Games Begin!

On Friday night we went to Tim and Janice's to watch the Olympic opening ceremonies with them. We had a really fun party!
We all showed our Olympic spirit in different ways. I wore all the colours of the Olympic flag. I am wearing a yellow headband which is hard to see. Janice and Rachel showed their patriotic spirit. Dave was a party pooper and didn't wear any Olympic colours at all.
Janice even pulled out some Canadian napkins! And then the serious pizza-eating, opening ceremonies-watching began.
After the parade of nations, we took a break to get some pictures of the kids with the fruit pizza I made. (I know, you're probably getting sick of seeing pictures of this thing but I really enjoyed making it!)

As you can see, getting pictures of four kids is just as much fun as getting pictures of two kids. In the top picture, Rachel was trying to slide off Tessa's lap, and at one point, Sam did slide off onto the floor. Oh boy.
Saturday morning I was going to make an Olympic rings breakfast for all of us, but Dave and Rachel had been up for an hour and already eaten so only wanted a little bit, and Sam only wanted blackberries and blueberries, so I was the only one who ate all five Olympic rings. Then Rachel didn't eat hers at all and Sam only ate one. sigh. It was a yummy breakfast anyways.

And then we watched some online streaming of the Olympics, including Mark McMorris from Saskatchewan winning a snowboarding bronze medal, and Canada's Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir in ice dancing. I love the Olympics, especially the Winter ones!

Were you celebrating, or watching, the Olympics this weekend?


  1. Maybe I should come live with you during the Olympics? Looks like we are equally olympics obsessed and I would fully appreciate your themed breakfast!!!!

    1. That would have been awesome! A lot of times I was just watching events by myself, or with Sam. I would have made Olympic themed breakfasts for you every morning!

  2. I love all the Olympic festivities. The gorgeous fruit rings for breakfast look so yummy. I love Sam and Rachel's new Canadian pajamas too. I know you are beyond proud of how well Canada is doing in these Olympic games. :-)

  3. These recent posts are so fun! I need to be eating more fruit these days...this will motivate me. : )

  4. I love how both versions of the rings turned out. Such a fun idea!


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