Thursday, October 13, 2011


This morning Dave flew to Kitchener-Waterloo for a job interview. We dropped Sam off at Olivia's on the way to the airport and then Rachel and I had a morning of errands. We started by having a bagel and coffee/hot chocolate at Tim's. Then I stopped at All-State to look into life insurance, then Carter's (and boy! do I want to go back there ASAP!). Then I went to IKEA where I only bought napkins. And not for me either!

Then it was off to Costco. I bought playdough for Sam for one of his holiday gifts and new tea towels for us and a bunch of things for Marcia! I like how we all do that for each other :)

When I got home Miss Rachel was super-fussy so my plan of sorting all her clothes didn't quite go as planned. I ended up getting started, but not finished. And I did dishes.

When I picked Sam up, Olivia had just taken her poopy diaper off and gotten poop E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E! I thought that Sam had gotten into it as well but it turned out to be gingersnap leftovers! They look kind of the same :)

Sam had an awesome nap (from 3-6!), Rachel had a good nap(2:30-5:30 with one wake up to nurse), I read for a bit and got a nap too. Tonight Sam basically made himself a peanut butter sandwich for supper -- he opened the bun and spread the peanut butter on it with a spoon. Soon we won't have to cook for him anymore :)

After supper we raked leaves and watched "the singing video" twice. I folded laundry, we talked to Dave and I had a headache. Thankfully Dave is only gone for one night. And as I write this Sam is still awake because I let him sleep too late because I didn't feel well. It's been that kind of a day.

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