Saturday, October 08, 2011

Four Generations and Sitting

Yesterday the internet was down all day and it has been down for a lot of today as well. Yesterday was a quiet day of rain and reading and lazing around. Miss Rachel sat in the booster seat on the counter while I did dishes. She did quite well with it actually.

I went through the boxes of clothes I have for Rachel in Saskatoon and weeded out some more clothes that are actually better for a boy. I will give them to Marcia for Gavin. Sam found his lion hat and determined that it was NOT too small for him. I might disagree...

Today we went to see Grandma Krahn and we got a four-generation picture with her and Rachel. Yay! We tried to get one with Sam as well but he wasn't cooperating. sigh...

Then we went and had a short visit with Grandma Ewert in Rosthern. She wasn't as alert today as she was on Thursday so I'm glad we had a good visit then.

On the way home we stopped and bought a Channukah or Christmas present for Sam. We'll need to decide which it is. And tonight we're going to go and meet Auntie Carol and Robyn, Kristina and Jay at the airport. We hung out on the deck for awhile this afternoon and it was so lovely and restful after a full day of visiting.

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