Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rachel With Cousins

Saturday afternoon I went to Auntie Lorna's house and also got to see Lisa, Neal, Olivia, Theo and Tanya. A shout out to the cousins who came to KW -- thanks guys!

Sadly, Suki was very sick so I felt bad coming into the stress with Rachel and wanting to have a visit but it worked out okay and, thankfully, Suki seems to be doing much better now. One thing that hit me again is how stressful it is to have a pet and reaffirms that I really don't want to add that to my life. I'm just not there.

Also adding busy-ness to life is having kids and it was so much fun to have Rachel meet Olivia and Theo. Olivia, with her head of curls and expansive vocabulary is a sweetheart and Theo (mini-Lisa) is super cute and energetic. Olivia wanted to hold Rachel and was so sweet to her.

And Theo and Rachel got to hang out a little bit too!

I cannot wait to add Sam and Dave to the mix and enjoy many many many more times of hanging out, watching our kids play and drinking Guiness. (That's for you Neal!)

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