Friday, October 28, 2011

Rachel and the Hedricks: Part 1

Thursday night for supper Janice and I went to a new Middle Eastern place, Arabesque. The food was AWESOME and the atmosphere and smells (!) completely reminded me of Hebron and surrounding areas. I cannot wait to go back with Dave (and the kids too!) when we move back. Yum yum yum!!!

Friday was a bit of a slower day in Waterloo. I walked to school with Janice and the kids. I carried Rachel in the wrap frontwards and I think she was a little confused. Then Dave found out he didn't get the job he interviewed for last week which was really disappointing for both of us. And it was hard to be supportive from far away.

Janice and I spent the morning getting ready for Janice to host mom's group and just catching up a bit. It was nice to catch up with people at Janice's mom's group. Since I know some of them through church and others through Janice, I've been able to attend a couple of the gatherings and I feel like I know the majority of the group so it's always nice to see them again. And quite a few people got to hold Rachel which was great.

I really enjoyed watching Willem and Tessa with Rachel. They really liked talking to her and playing with her and Rachel LOVED watching them. She would fuss whenever they had to go do something else -- you know, eat, do homework, the unimportant stuff :)

On Saturday I got to have a bit of a lazy morning with the Hedricks which was nice since the rest of the day was quite busy. Rachel got to hang out in the highchair and I got to meet Crab, Crabby, Crabbier and Crabbiest -- Willem's hermit crabs. The highlight (lowlight?) of the crab experience was when one of them got ambitious and attempted to escape the Tupperware container, and almost succeeded too. Yerghks :()

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