Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Baking and a Hair Cut

I wanted to post this picture because the other night Rachel was fussy so I slung her to me so I could have my hands free to get some things done. Then I wanted to take a quick break so I sat down at the computer and Sam decided it was the perfect time to give me a massage! Sometimes I want a break but it's great to be surrounded by my children :)

This evening we took Sam for a haircut. He talked all day about how he was going to sit on the horse and watch a video to get his his hair cut so I was glad the horse was available.

The hairdresser said Sam was a perfect last appointment. He sat really still and didn't freak out at all, as opposed to the kid she had before him.

I love when they wet his hair to cut it and it's just sticking out all over! Ha ha ha!

And at the end they always do spikes or something and we get visions of Sam as a pre-teen! It always makes me laugh!

Rachel just hung out in her carseat and was so good.

When we got home, Sam and I baked banana muffins for Jenelle, Daniel, Kelsey and Megan. Sam was quite a good helper with dumping and he LOVED licking the spoon. He also put all the muffin cups into the tins which was super-helpful!

While Sam and I baked, Dave dried dishes and Rachel, once again, hung out -- this time in her bouncy seat! She's so content which is awesome! And Dave actually caught her smiling on camera which is what I was trying to get a picture of while Sam was getting his hair cut.

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