Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rachel's First Flight

Last Thursday Miss Rachel and I flew to Ontario, Kitchener-Waterloo to be exact. We went to spend almost five days with friends and to celebrate Waterloo North's 25th anniversary. And I am SOOOOOO glad that we were able to go.

To get to KW we had to fly so Rachel got to experience her first flight. She even got a sticker proclaiming it was so.

Thankfully we also got a separate seat so she was able to experience her first airplane ride in her car seat instead of on my lap. It was much easier for me and Rachel surprised me by being very calm about it.

She actually fell asleep as we were taking off! So it was a very peaceful flight and she didn't seem to even notice things were different.

I was slow to get off the plane what with the car seat, diaper bag and my own carry on so the pilot was already helping to clean up the plane. I asked if I could get a picture of him and Rachel together since he was her first pilot EVER and he said, "I even have a great place to take the picture."

He was right! And I love love love WestJet even more because the pilot himself picked up Rachel's car seat and carried her right in here.

We were right on time getting to Calgary so I had a great lunch of Sbarro. Rachel just hung out in her car seat and watched me eat. I think she was a little confused at this point :)

Then I found seats at the gate where I could put her on the floor and give her some kicking time. There was a huge artificial plant above her head so she was quite happy to look at the leaves and just roll around.

The second flight was just as beautiful as the first. Rachel and I had a whole row to ourselves and Rachel was quite entertained between her toys in her car seat and just hanging out.

I think the white noise of the plane put her to sleep because she seemed perfectly able to fall asleep quite a number of times. This meant that I got to read and just enjoy some peace and quiet.

But as lovely, and surprisingly relaxing, as the flight was it was even better to land in Kitchener (okay, okay, Breslau!) and see Janice waiting for us!

And here are Rachel and Sam in cockpits. Sam's picture was taken on one of his first flights at around 4 months old.

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