Tuesday, March 01, 2022

One Sentence A Day: February 2022

Well, after the insanity that was January, February was a lot more calm. In fact, one might say it was almost boring :) We still weren't doing a lot thanks to Covid so it felt like a very quiet month.

1 - Tuesday -- I don't remember what happened this day but I know I had a nice visit with my mom and dad while Rachel was at dance.

2 - Wednesday -- The hoped for snowstorm didn't materialize (boo) and Sam cooked his curried shrimp soup for all of us for supper.

3 - Thursday -- SNOW DAY!!! (Another sentence: My parents made us an amazing brunch and supper and Mom and I walked to get a follow up x-ray on my lung.)

4 - Friday -- I crawled into bed as soon as I got home from work and was asleep shortly after 8.

5 - Saturday -- It was a weird day but Dave, Rachel, and I got groceries done and we hosted my parents for supper.

6 - Sunday -- After months of not seeing anyone, we hung out with Dave's parents in the morning, I caught up with a friend on the phone, and we saw two sets of friends, very briefly, in the afternoon.

And somehow in the midst of all that, Dave, Rachel, and I did this puzzle. 

7 - Monday -- Mondays are usually pretty boring.

8 - Tuesday -- I was so thankful that Dave did all the dance running around so I could cook an easy supper and relax after work.

9 - Wednesday -- I love unpacking office supplies!

And my friends sent me the most gorgeous bouquet!

10 - Thursday -- I worked at a new school, which was quiet, and then both kids had optometrist appointments in the evening.

11 - Friday -- I documented a Day In The Life (you can read it here) and we had a celebratory dinner with my parents.


12 - Saturday -- I baked muffins and then went for a walk with my mom.

13 - Sunday -- We got a lot done around the house, including some decluttering and some long overdue laundry.

14 - Monday -- A student was missing at work which involved police presence and four hours of searching. (More sentences: Thankfully it all ended well but it was very stressful.)

15 - Tuesday -- Thankfully it was a much more normal (and quiet) day at work.

16 - Wednesday -- We had a yummy supper with my parents and my aunt whom, thanks to Covid, I hadn't seen in a few years.

17 - Thursday -- I didn't pick up a job this day, I had a nap, and I had an optometrist appointment.

And Rachel got glasses!

18 - Friday -- ANOTHER SNOW DAY!!! (More sentences: I went for a walk with my mom and Mom and Dad fed us brunch and supper.)

And Sam got boosted.

19 - Saturday -- We had to cancel Dave's already delayed birthday dinner because the weather was awful and our backup plan was to watch Hamilton.

We finished another puzzle and immediately gave it to my mom because we didn't like it. The completed picture is fun -- the pieces are ridiculous!

20 - Sunday -- I read while Dave and the kids went downhill skiing.

21 - Monday -- It was a stat holiday, we went tobogganing with friends, and Dave and I got two walks in.

22 - Tuesday -- Dave wasn't feeling well (a couple of potential Covid symptoms), so the kids and I had to stay home and I read, napped, and chipped ice with the kids.

23 - Wednesday -- I worked and then we had a really good, and fun, supper with my parents, two aunts, and a friend of my aunt.

24 - Thursday -- We got long overdue haircuts!!!

25 - Friday -- This day started with take out lunch and an Earl Grey doughnut at work and ended with the long overdue celebration of Dave's birthday!!!

26 - Saturday -- I had a quiet morning at home getting some things done and then Dave and I walked to do some errands in the afternoon.

27 - Sunday -- This was pretty much the perfect Sunday -- Dave and I went to church for the first time in over two months (and caught up with some friends), I had an afternoon nap, I dealt with some things around the house, and we enjoyed a pizza dinner with my parents.

28 - Monday -- It was a day at work focused on interpreting Covid guidelines and ended up with me washing a lot of dishes.

March will be a much more exciting month because the kids and I are off for March Break! We have some fun March Break plans which I can't wait to share about in March, assuming Covid doesn't disrupt them. Don't all plans feel tenuous now?

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  1. A busy month. It's so nice to catch up with family & friends we haven't been able to see. I find it hard to believe we are coming up to two years of COVID, the pandemic & restrictions. I hope that all your March break plans come together. :)

  2. Glad you are getting to see family again!


  3. Happy birthday to Dave! And are puzzles the ultimate winner of Covid? Ha!

  4. It is so nice to read about all of the extra time you are getting with your parents- I am sure it helps during the COVID times for sure-wishing you a more normal March- sounds like we are all on our way!

  5. Isn't it amazing what a difference a good haircut can make. I am suffering with a rotten haircut. It has been a month. Hoping it will grow out fast but no sign of that yet.

    Love Rachel's glasses. Glad Sam got boosted. Things are opening up with great abandon again around here. Finally, finally. What a long 2 years. Two months ago the school where I am subbing was on the top 10 list of schools with Covid cases. But they are off the list and have been for a month or so. Hallelujah.
    I sure enjoy these catch up posts. The puzzles you worked are both very pretty. I keep hoping that PC might agree to work one with me but no luck yet. I don't have a safe place to leave a puzzle in process that the kitties won't dance all over. So need to have help to work it fast!!


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