Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Halfway Through March And What I've Read

Clearly in the first two weeks of March reading was not a high priority for me (GASP). I only read three books. I blame my lack of reading on one book being a bit dry (despite the intriguing topic), processing a job change (see yesterday's post here for details), and doing a road trip.

American Sherlock by Kate Winkler Dawson

I thought this book was going to be very interesting. Sadly, it wasn't. I found it jumped around a bit, and despite being an interesting topic, I found the execution lacking. If you're extremely interested in the history of forensic science, I would recommend this book but otherwise I'd steer clear.

The Collective

I started this book on a Sunday night as I crawled into bed, intending to read for an hour or so. I stayed up way too late and flew through this book. It was really engaging, it was a twist on the "typical" twisty suspense novel, and I just really loved it. I highly recommend this book but make sure you set aside enough time because you won't want to put it down.

The Love Hypothesis

I loved this book too. It's a rom-com with a typical theme -- kooky girl meets slightly mean boy -- but since both main characters were also in academia, I really connected with it. While I haven't been in academia myself, remember that Dave did his PhD in our dating and early marriage/parenting years. The whole stress of conferences/posters/talks/etc just brought it all back. So there was a little extra to this book that was particularly appealing to me. I also laughed out loud a couple of times. So overall yes, I highly recommend this book as well.

And that's it. That's all I read the first half of March. Since March 15th, I haven't finished any books, although I'm currently in the middle of two, so I have a feeling March is going to be a quiet reading month.


  1. I'm excited that you loved The Collective and The Love Hypothesis because I did too!

  2. I was so happy when I saw your rating on Goodreads for The Love Hypothesis, I loved it too! My March has been a big one - partially because I finished 2 physical books I started MONTHS ago that I wasn't picking up very often (you know how I am about physical books) ha.

  3. The Collective does sound good and I've been looking for the Love Hypothesis through our library for some time now as it does look and sound adorable.


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