Sunday, March 06, 2022

I Spy 2022: Week 9 (Week 61)

Welcome to my latest "I Spy" post with Lysha at at A Camera and A Cookbook. This is the "Dave and Natasha Went On A Date" focused post :) We were so happy to finally be able to redeem our Chanukah gift from Dave's parents.

Let's Play iSpy 2022

 {Window View – Quarterly}

This is the only picture in this whole post which doesn't have to do with our date. I decided to take my "quarterly window view" from Sam's window. This is looking down on our front yard.

{Topped off}

I "topped off" my meal with this dessert. Honestly, it was a little weird. It was white chocolate... something... not quite mousse, not quite cheesecake... with black currents in it. It was very rich. And it was called "pots" (French for "jar") and, fittingly, it was served in a jar. This dessert was "topped off" with a candied lemon which was delicious!

{On time}

I'm so glad Dave and I were "on time" for our date so we didn't lose out on the unique dining experience of eating in our own personal greenhouse. It was so much fun and we really enjoyed it!

{Starts with 'P'}

Our appetizer was called "Pots De Fromage" (literal translation: jars of cheese) and it had pickled grapes, pecans, and pickled watermelon beets, among other yummy food. All the pickled things "start with 'p'" as does the actual appetizer itself. Honestly though, the pickled grapes were odd -- a cross between dill pickles and grapes.

{Your Choice}

I had an Elderberry G&T to drink. It was a lovely purple colour, and honestly, a fun drink will always be "my choice"!

This was a really fun experience with some delicious food. And now I'm looking forward to our next date night!


  1. Sounds like a P for Perfect date with lots of yummy food to TOP it off! CarolG

  2. Looks and sounds like the perfect date and that cocktail is so pretty! Hope you enjoyed :)

  3. The food sounds so good and I love the greenhouse! I saw those in NYC!

  4. what a fun and unique date experience! Enjoyed the peek into the greenhouse!

  5. What a fun "themed" week! It sounds like you had the perfect date night.

  6. Such fun pictures! Look at all the snow in the window pic! Wow


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