Sunday, March 27, 2022

I Spy 2022: Week 12 (Week 64)

Phew! What a week! My parents left after a two month stint of being our neighbours, the kids went back to school after March Break, I started a new full-time position at a different school, we had an ice day, and there were also all the "normal" happenings of life in there -- play dates, dance, Jr Youth events, mid-week church gathering... Oh, and I worked yesterday.

I was feeling bad that I didn't get my "I Spy" post up for yesterday but reading the above paragraph, I now know why I didn't :) As always, I'm linking up with Lysha at at A Camera and A Cookbook.

Let's Play iSpy 2022



I thought the railways tracks, the brick wall, and the path were all nicely "lined" up in this picture. This is now my walk to work and I LOVE it!



The city got an artist to create banners to hang on the lamp posts on one part of the path near uptown. Dave and I walked to the library on Friday and were looking for something "spiral" to photograph for this prompt. We saw this piece of art and spent a long while debating if the spiral was intentional or graffiti. Since the spiral was exactly duplicated on the other side, we eventually decided it was intentional and then spent some time discussing why it was added to the piece.



I "spotted" this community chalkboard on my walk to work and the wisdom on it was something I desperately needed to be reminded of. Sadly, we've returned to cold temperatures and snow these past few days. Spring, WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!?!?!



A mocha from my principal and a doughnut from the staff room were exactly what the doctor "ordered" for the first Friday of my first week. This was such a surprising pick me up on Friday morning.

{your choice}

Seeing Rachel's creativity coming out in her chalk drawings is always "my choice." She drew a fox and a rabbit among the flowers, which I thought was so cute. Sadly, we've had a rainstorm, and now snow, so this drawing is now just a memory.


  1. The chalk art is so cheery! The spiral is interesting...wonder why they added it.

  2. That chalkboard reminds me of a song by one of my favourite Canadian artists, Craig Cardiff (he's actually from KW!). He has a song called Winter that starts with "Spring is almost here I don't think you understand how much winter takes out of a person." It is just sooo relatable. The snow and cold today is not helpful at all!

  3. Congrats on the new job! All your photos are great, and despite the weather not being so cooperative, they display encouraging signs of spring!

  4. Love that walk to work! We've returned to cold temps too and I am not liking that spring once again feels far away. That chalkboard is a great reminder!

  5. Love Rachel's chalk designs- she is so talented and that would've put me in spring mode stat! Always love your pics- thanks for sharing :)

  6. I like that the spiral invited a discussion! Maybe that's why it's there!

  7. Hi Natasha. Whew, that was a busy week, bet you were glad to have a weekend to recover. Great photos too. It was so nice that Rachel's chalk art was there to welcome you home. I hope this week is a bit calmer! CarolG

  8. Congrats on the new job! The spiral does look like a random scribble. Love chalk drawings.


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