Monday, February 11, 2019

Three Things

I am totally stealing this from Emily. She did it way back in July of 2017.  I think I've shared before my love for these kinds of posts!

Three Things I Would Never Give Up

hanging laundry
I have a whole hashtag devoted to this!
Check it out here.



Three Favourite Vegetables





I really wanted to pick more than three here!
One of my favourite "me" suppers is to eat a big green salad and read a book.

Three Shows I've Watched Faithfully To The End

The ‘Friends’ cast: role models in the friendship game or setting an impossible standard?
image from here

Gilmore Girls
 Gilmore Girls Season 2 DVD Cover.jpg
image from here

Ummm...I'm just not a TV watching person...


Three Places I Want To Visit Inside The US


Original Route 66
I've been to the beginning of it!


And to make this appropriate for my country:


Three Places I Want To Visit Inside Canada

National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa

L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland
L'Anse aux Meadows, recreated long house.jpg 
image from here

Nunavut and Northwest Territories
(I've been to every province and the Yukon Territory
so these are the last two places I need to visit.
Plus Northwest Territories has the most amazing license plate ever!)

image from here

Three Places I Want To Visit Outside The US

Eastern Europe -- Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania
I want to do a riverboat cruise to these places.

Costa Rica
My best friend from high school lives here
and wants us to come visit. And I want to take her up on it!!!



Three Things I Always Have With Me

Carmex Lip Gloss


Ummm... I don't tend to carry a lot with me if I don't have to.
(I'm so boring)

Three Things That Are Always In My Car

Reusable Grocery Bags

A Kleenex box

An old gift card to scrape off the inside of the car when it get frosty on the inside

Three Most Recent Calls Were To/From

Dave's mom

(I'm organizing birthday outings!)

Three Most Often Used Makeup Products

Carmex lip gloss

Ummm... Facial masks?

I just don't wear make up.

Three Things That Make Me Laugh

Funny/Random things my kids say or do

Mom memes
 Where I am at this exact moment...decisions... 
image from here  - image from here
 Substitute dinnertime with bedtime and it's totally me. 🙋🏻😫 #guilty #meanmom #gotobed #nomorewater #momlife
image from here - image from here
 Usually happens in the morning. #momlifeSleeping with a toddler is like sharing your bed with a drunk octopus looking for its car keys! Funny motherhood kids meme quote
image from here - image from here

The drunk octopus one is like sleeping with Rachel
 and I laughed so hard I cried.

Jimmy Fallon's hashtags
(Dave introduced me to these and they make us laugh so hard!)

Three Things That Make Me Cry

The kids singing at VBS

watching Les Mis -- either the musical or the movie

books where a mom dies


  1. Oh my goodness...the mom memes are so funny and so real! :)

  2. 1) I've been to Estonia and really liked it. It had a very old world feel to it and I loved that.
    2) I actually had to google Carmex lip gloss; I have never heard of it in my life! Most people I know like chapstick. My go-to is lucas paw paw (consistency of vaseline) or just plain vaseline.
    3) The mom memes had me ROLLING with laughter. "Dinnertime: Lost my Shit. All of it." ME EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!!
    4) So books where a mom dies is your trigger like books with children in peril are for me? I should have never recommended "I liked my life" to you!!! I will make note for the future.

  3. I did this a while back (stole it from Emily too) and had a hard time coming up with 3 vegetables, I hate them ha. I have actually been to Alaska - I feel so well-traveled NOT. How does Emily not know what Carmex is?? I'm always with my Burt's Bees Wax!


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