Friday, February 15, 2019

All About Sam, 2019

A few days ago I gave you All About Rachel 2019. Here is All About Sam. You can read about the last time I did this with Sam (in 2015) here. As always, the comments in italics are mine.
photo by Tessa

What is your name? Sam

How old are you? Nine (He's only six weeks away from turning 10! Aaaahhhh.)
What is your favourite colour? Black

Who is your best friend? Irv, Ollie, Hudson, Will, Owen, Benji, Andrew, Chase (These are all friends from school except for one from church. And most of these boys all played baseball together last summer.)

What is your favourite animal? Tigon (a cross between a male tiger and a female lion)
image from here

What is your favourite movie? The Sandlot (a baseball movie of course!)

What is your favourite book? I have a lot -- the Redwall series, the Nick & Tesla series, Artemis Fowl, Garfield, Calvin & Hobbes and more. (He's just like his mom -- he can't pick a favourite book.)

What is your favourite food? Low Country Boil (This is courtesy of Erika - ha!) and hotdogs and olive and pickles and tacos (and bacon!)
What is your favourite song? Minecraft parodies and most of the stuff by Imagine Dragons

What makes you happy? The Blue Jays and the Blue Jays winning and iPad and reading and books (He's so much like me - ha!)
What makes you sad? When a book series ends and when the Blue Jays lose (Okay, when he said "When a book series ends," I cried. That makes me sad too, Sam.)

What is your favourite game? Risk and Monopoly and baseball

Can you write your name for me?
Since they don't teach writing in our schools anymore,
Sam taught himself to write! 


  1. Minecraft parodies and Imagine Dragons - is that all 9-10 year old boys?!?! Ha! I can't believe their school doesn't teach writing?? Or do you mean cursive? I'm lucky we do Montessori because that's all they teach!

  2. Wait wait wait... they don't teach writing anymore? What does that mean????????? Like... they don't even teach them how to write the alphabet?

  3. I've totally gotten out of the habit of these--thanks for the reminder!


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