Wednesday, February 13, 2019

All About Rachel, 2019

This is a quiz I found around the blogosphere in January of 2012. The last time I did this with Rachel was in February of 2015 (see that post here). Let's see how things have changed! As in previous years, the only things I have added are the clarifications in italics. Enjoy!
photo by Tessa

What is your name? Rachel Katie "My Last Name" "Dave's Last Name" (Both our kids have my last name, which I kept, as a second middle name.)

How old are you? Seven turning eight

What is your favourite colour? Blue (Dave and I think it's pink. She's either trying to change her favourite colour, or her favourite colour has finally changed after five years.)

Who is your best friend? Ellie, Zoe, Elise and Isabelle

What is your favourite animal? Bunnies and unicorns
Blog post
Introducing the bunnicorn -- which is a little creepy actually.
image from here
What is your favourite movie? It's really really hard because I don't like Frozen anymore. It might be the play Frozen because it was really really magical and the lights were really really amazing.
I agree -- it was all amazing!

What is your favourite book? There's definitely a lot of them -- the Purrmaids series, Eva the Owl series, the Ramona series, the Pet Hotel series, the Ivy and Bean series.

What is your favourite food? Strawberries and treats like chocolate and suckers and gum.

What is your favourite song? Rachel Patten's Stand By You, O come, o come Emmanuel, and It's All Coming Back to Me Now by Celine Dion and Cotton Eyed Joe (which she originally thought was called Cuttin' My Toe!)

What makes you happy? Playing with Sam, snuggling with Mommy, Daddy, or Funny Bunny and "Rachel sandwiches." (A "Rachel sandwich" is when Dave and I hug her in between us.)

What makes you sad? When I have to put myself to sleep. (This is when Dave and I get tired of her nighttime ridiculousness and refuse to sit with her any longer.) Also, when people yell at me.

What is your favourite game? Playing Monopoly with Sam, and Dos (a card game).

Can you write your name for me?
They don't teach our kids handwriting anymore so both kids have taught themselves. And Rachel was not impressed with my bunnicorn editorial :)


  1. Bahahaha!! This is hilarious. Glad that Purrmaids is still going strong, and her signature is the cutest ever. Millie would also rank 'putting herself to sleep' pretty low on her list of interests. ;)

  2. Funny...I'll have to ask Clarice if she likes bunnicorns. :)

  3. So sweet! I have been doing this at the start of each school year - fun to see how their answers change or stay the same. This is the stuff I think we'll really appreciate having recorded when they get older.

  4. Rachel and I are music twins!!! I LOVE all those songs! "Stand By You" and "Cotton Eyed Joe" are among my top most played songs ever. I haven't heard "it's all coming back to me now" for a while but I did love that song.

  5. Bunnicorns--lol! This morning, Nina was talking about punicorns. I suggested those might not be real, and she insisted they were. They are, apparently, unicorns who need to go poop. (You can see the humor that's current in our house!)


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