Sunday, March 30, 2014

To Sam, On His Fifth Birthday

Dear Sam,

Today you are five! Mommy can't even believe that is possible. You are such a funny, stubborn, curious, smart, focused, silly kid. You are not perfect, but we love you so very much just the way you are.

Sam, the biggest change for you this year is that you started school in September. You LOVE school. You are usually happy to go, and you like to learn new things. Mommy's heart melts when you bring things home and say, "I made this for you!" You have learned to read, print, make new friends, eat lunch all on your own, and so many other things we don't even know about.
You like to play on the iPad, play with cars, work in your workbooks, read books, play games, play with Lego, and so many other things. You play so well on your own and, although you have started to behave a little more mischievously this year, you are a pretty responsible kid. You do like to draw on the floors, the walls, and other things you probably shouldn't though :)
Sam, you are an amazing big brother. You love Rachel so much and it shows. You are her best friend and I hope that continues. You two play together so well and I never get tired of listening to the two of you play. (Although I do admit, the "we're barking puppies" game isn't my favourite!) I also love it when Daddy and I put you to bed and you and Rachel call to each other through your heating grates. It just makes me laugh so much!
Sam, you are a good friend. People like to play with you, be with you, and you are generally kind and loving. You like to do things as a family, whether it's going to check out neat things happening around us, going to the library and KidSplash, or making crafts together at home.
I don't want to make this sound like you are the perfect kid though. You don't go to bed easily, you don't always listen to Mommy and Daddy, and you can be sooooo stubborn. But this is all a part of being a kid so we all do the best we can in these situations.
Sam-Sam-Sam, five years ago today you made me a mommy, and I love you so very much. I hope you have the happiest of birthdays and an amazing fifth year of life! I can't wait to see what it holds for you.



  1. Happy birthday, Sam! Hope you all have a fun day celebrating!!

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes for Sam and we did have a fun day of celebrations!

  2. Happy birthday, Sam!!! Such fun to read about your life in blogland - many many happy wishes for this next year!!!

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes for Sam! And thanks for reading along with his (and our!) adventures.

  3. Happy birthday, Sam! I love this post!

  4. Happy Birthday Sam! You are one amazing little boy!

  5. Awww, Sam does sound like a pretty amazing little man! I always get a kick out of the funny things he does, and he seems to have a pretty great little imagination! Hope his birthday was extra terrific! :-)


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