Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Sister God Let Me Choose

I first heard the phrase I used for the title of this post on Kelly's Korner, and I love it as it so perfectly describes my relationship with Janice. Janice loves books, traveling, and tea as much as I do. No wonder we are such good friends :) Since today is Janice's birthday, I thought I would share some pictures of the two of us.
Adding to our book collections
August 2003 in Virginia
 Tea times in Vienna, May 2010...
... and in Stratford, Ontario in June 2013.
As much as I have been involved in Tessa and Willem's live, Janice has been a part of Sam and Rachel's lives too. Us with all our kids (May 2012) and with Sam in Austria (May 2010).
Dave and I didn't have attendants at our wedding but Janice was my unofficial matron of honour. She threw a shower for me, helped me find someone who would do my hair on the Sunday morning of a long weekend, and she and Tim let Dave and I stay at their house the week before our wedding (can you say "best friends ever"?). Above, Tim is showing us where they signed in our church's register of marriages. And obviously being quite funny about it. June 2008.
At some point (probably last year when I tried to do a birthday post for Janice), I realized
I hardly had any pictures of the two of us so I've been trying to take more. Janice, I look forward to more Sunday mornings at Starbucks, more parenting reality checks (maybe not as fun as Starbucks but just as necessary for me!), and more fun times as our two families hang out together, whether it's gardening days, parade watching or eating pizza after church.

Happy Birthday Janice!!!


  1. I love best friend birthdays!! And while I'm always a fan of taking MORE pictures, I love the ones you have - enjoy many more beautiful memory-making times together!

    1. Thank you! We have already enjoyed some more memory making times together and it's been so great!

  2. I love it! My mom's name was Janice, so I'll send her an especially happy birthday wish!

  3. I love this post! How wonderful to have such a close friendship that stands the test of time. And it is so cute how Janice and her children's birthdays are all so close together, right?


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