Tuesday, March 18, 2014

More March Break Happenings

Here's a few more of our March Break happenings I want to blog about. For instance, Rachel had her first optometrist appointment. Sam is an experienced optometry patient and was visiting for his fourth time.
I had a slight lapse of sanity and thought it would be good to start an immense craft project (a handprint alphabet) with the kids. (This one, in case you're interested, and yes, each kid is doing their own complete set.) It was a lot easier doing it when Dave was around and could help with washing hands and taking pictures.
And Janice and I got to go out for tea a couple of times. Once we went to With The Grain in Guelph, and once to The Robin's Nest in Elmira. We have plans to go to a few more places in the summer because we had so much fun! And because Janice knows of lots of great tea places which I haven't been to yet :)
We worked on toilet training Rachel. We had about nine accidents and no successes throughout the week so I am kind of giving up on this one for a bit. sigh.
 Sam and Rachel got to go to preschool to visit with Sam's former teacher.
And since the weather was completely unpredictable, and couldn't decide if it was winter or spring, Sam and Rachel dressed appropriately -- fleece feet pajamas, spring hats and shoes, and umbrellas!

And that was the rest of our March Break. It was a good mix of fun things to do, lots of time for the kids to play, and a good break from the getting-up-early, making-lunches, running-out-the-door routine when school is in session. And I kind of wish it was happening again next week... Kind of!


  1. 1. Both your kids are ahead of me, as I have never been to an optometrist. EEK! 2. Was that big mug in your picture the tea mug or a soup mug? Because it would make a great coffee mug...

    1. 1) You have NEVER been to an optometrist. I cannot believe that!

      2) It was my tea mug. I can see that you would LOVE it for coffee :)

  2. What a fun March Break! Before you know it, the kiddos will be out for Summer Break. That's my favorite time of the year. =)

  3. Those 'best bro/sis ever' shirts are so awesome!! And that hand print project is waaaaaay ambitious. :)

  4. What a fun project! C freaked out when I tried to do a thumbprint stamp with her the other day, so I don't think we'll be trying this one anytime soon. :P

  5. So we have the same potty chair. Same life, same potty chair...you know, all the same. Haha :) I hope R is liking it better than Lincoln. He hates it and screams "NO!" when I suggest we go in it instead of his pants. Perfect.


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